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Domina Shelle Rivers--Erotic Hypnosis


you REALLY love Me. I have been overwhelmed by your gifts of Love and show of devotion. you make your Domina feel very appreciated. And in return I am bringing you back to School with Professor Shelle’s Re-Form School Class #7-CONTROL. Control is something I know you want from your Domina. Control is at the core of why you come to Me. Seeking My Control makes O/our Dom-sub relationship more perfect. W/we both get what W/we want. Oh and so many subtle ways I use My sexy control...I bet sometimes you don’t even realize what I am doing to you. It just seems so natural now. Just as it should.

Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #7

--- Listen to the SAMPLE ---

This session will reinforce your journey of submission and the many ways you do your very best to serve and please your explains why Obedience is pleasure....and why serving and pleasing Domina is your greatest pleasure. All good things come to you when you surrender and willingly devote yourself to Me. I will teach how as My submissive, your needs are satisfied through obedience to My control and domination. This will intensify all your feelings into cravings for more, more submission, more helplessness...MORE of My SEXY control.

My puppy, W/we are in this power exchange very much together.

After school, you will complete a class assignment to demonstrate the growth in your ability to Please Me.

In addition, I have a new excitable Playground Surrender BB that will focus on one special aspect of My control and prove to yourself how REAL your desire to surrender your submissive self completely to My control and authority over everything that is important to you. It comes with an 8 DAY CONTROL MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT.

If W/we are currently not connected and you are interested in more Control by a Dominant Woman, email Me with “Questionnaire” in the heading and I will send you My questionnaire, leading to a possible Slave Contract.


WEBSITE NOTICE:  My Websites  -- This website (SRH), (SFS) and Lady H are expected to be down for up to 12 hours on Saturday night, the server will be doing some updates. Don’t worry, I’ll be available through emails, I never leave you completely alone. You’d miss Me, too much. So don’t wait, listen to your School Control lesson. Surrender BB while going to bed tonight and start your Assignment tomorrow morning.


Next week, follow Me as I’ll be taking you into a Dark place where anything can happen. Do I have your attention yet...Also, your Control Assignment should end by next weekend...

Assignment files:  Pleasing Me, Living on the Edge, The Lock, Dangerous Pleasures, Chemical Sedation

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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