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Calling My Guinea Pigs

My puppy, this week you are back to being My lil guinea pig with Brain Chip Upgrade-Guinea Pig 3.  The title doesn’t tell you everything.  But, here it is with My birthday just around the corner...and I know how much you love celebrating this most amazing day of the year.  If My Brain Chip works as planned, which it will of course, let’s just say I know this place with spectacular desserts and you LOVE taking Me to dinner.

So, let’s talk about O/our intimate dinner.  Just you and Me dinner later this week, what do you think.  A quiet dark corner of the restaurant.  Pleasure is on the menu.  If you play your cards right, I’ll let you lick the lobster lemon butter sauce from My sexy fingers.  Sound yummy...mmmm. ~giggles~  This is going to be a very sexy meal for U/us, My pet.

After DINNER, I’ll give you the dessert of your choice.  This restaurant has three very special desserts.  The first dessert is for those who want to go all the way and need My helping hand to help finish O/our rendezvous with a bang.....It’s a delicious Cream Pie.  The perfect climax to O/our dinner.

Then there’s the Edge Cake that you can take several bites a day and nibble the Edge off.  For someone who just loves to stay hard, obey and deny.  Finally, there is a very pretty Pink Cupcake for anyone who loves the feminine side of life.  After your brain chip upgrade, and you complete Compliance, because you can not will email Me with either Cream Pie, Edge Cake, or Pink Cupcake in the heading so I can personally deliver your dessert.  Sounds sexy enough, right.  Yummy, can’t wait to play underneath the table, a little foot tease...Shall I put My panties onto your plate. ~giggles~


I had a serious setback setting up the New Website.  I’m on top of it....More on that next month.  I’ll update you as soon as I have something solid.

I want to say it again.  Circle Pay, something safe and secure, is one of the most beneficial ways for Me to receive your gifts....and so is PAYPAL if you use the Family and Friends option, if that is available.  This has worked out well...Thank you, My puppy!

A reminder for Aug 1st you are allowed to release with Chemical Sedation.  If you are Not one of MY contracted, I do expect a Stroke Tribute.

I’d love to get your Birthday Card in the mail at My Pisgah Street address. (At My website under payment options)  And you can always slip a gift card or cash with your note. Giggles...I love little surprises.  See My Wish List for ideas.  Or an ecard.  If you really want to make Me happy for My BIRTHDAY, go to My Challenge To Please and just SURPRISE Me...

New slave story posted on many more to come.  WOW!!!  GREAT writing.  I’m pleased.


I will have a free gift for you, W/we can celebrate My birthday together.
I will be at the beach from Aug 4 to Aug 11th.  But, don’t worry...I’ll be with you on emails and text...maybe a sexy pic once in a while.

I know you’ll miss Me so I’ll have a picture Pack to keep you company and comes with a LOVE Chip.  Then a Conditioning file to help you through O/our separation.  I know how much you need Me, My lil puppy...

Personal NOTE:

OMG, JJ got into a little trouble...he was upset with Me that he was not getting enough attention from Me...well, he kinda used Daddy's shoe as a new chew toy and he tore up the news paper.  Whoops!!!  That means extra workouts to tire him...I love My JJ.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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