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Imagine the possibility of waking up everyday to live your life inside the PRISON bars I have placed around your mind---too strong to be broken. There is no escape. Scary to be imprisoned you would think, wouldn't you? But you trust Me, don't you? Of course, you do. After you listen to this week's Chains of Steel, I could leave the cell door open and you'd beg Me to stay...and why wouldn't you, My puppy? With a vivid sexually hypnotic induction taking you deep into trance (think of the images in My new picture set) I make you weak and submissive, so aroused by My control. you can’t get enough of My voice, can you? And W/we haven't even started, yet.

I know you are so ready for a deepening enslavement, needing to be permanently bound to Me. Just enjoy the sensations and emotional feelings of what I am doing to you, turning your chains of hypnotic Submission into your chains of unbreakable Steel... to make you even more addicted to needing Me all day long, not able to live without Me.... aroused and craving to be owned, needing to serve and make your Domina happy......Never wanting to escape… you will keep coming back again and again, to this new place I have for you, My slave, for more conditioning until you are permanently enslaved and dreaming of serving your Domina. I just love that thought, your new reality.

This also INCLUDES a FULL HD 10 minute VIDEO-Erotic Hypnosis BRAINWASHING LOOP session for you. Obey and don't miss out.


I appreciate your support and devotion. It’s what makes everything work.



your Absolute Authority tells you to follow the advice of your local Health authorities regarding this very contagious worldwide pandemic COVID-19 VIRUS, which may mean staying away from other people. Keep your distance, wash your hands thoroughly (at least 20 seconds-use the Mantra to help your timing) and remember NOT to touch your face. The virus is believed to be spread even by touching surfaces, so always wash your hands when you come home if you have to be outside. BE CAREFUL AND FOLLOW THE LOCAL RULES. I know I am one of your priorities for spending, but if you have been financially affected by the virus conditions please let Me know.

When I had My last massage, with two hands rubbing My back and legs, I thought of you, My puppy, and I got excited thinking how excited you would be actually giving Me a sensual, arousing massage. That made Me think of giving you that opportunity to pamper Me with a MASSAGE. Starting next month I will be adding it to The VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENT as one of your pampering options. When you give Me a Massage, to make the experience more vivid and Real, you may massage yourself to the new set of My Pictures and feel the pleasure you are giving your Domina. I will be saving your Massages until it is all clear and safe to do so. But your home massages are still allowed. ~giggles~ Thank you for the massages that I have already. I can NOT wait to pamper ME finally. I deserve it!

With the completion of The Lab Rat EXPERIMENT, you will be receiving My Amnesia Questionnaire. I will email it to you. I am measuring the extent of your obedience during the Experiment and the reasons behind it to help Me with your future Obedience Training. Just follow the instructions.

NEXT WEEK … It will be My surprise.

In the coming weeks as more of U/us are at home, I am planning to make available additional sessions to spend more time with Me, such as audio books, some from your School Chapter 2 assignment, more Brainwashing LOOPs, and other surprises.

My special deals.....

Point Of Impact --
Does it excite you to be lead blindly by your beautiful Domina?

The Secret Chamber --
Welcome to My Secret Chamber--I have brought you here for a very special INTENSE training session.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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