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LOCTOBER Chastity-Week 4 - submission and obedience


With LOCTOBER Chastity Training--Week 4 I will bring you all the way there... feeling so weak listening to My voice, desperate to please Me with your submission and obedience. Let Me take you down. Let Me bring you up. Let Me tease your mind and body until you feel My power focusing your mind and hard c*ck in obedience to My every command. you love when I tease you, don’t you, My puppy? But is My power over you stronger than your need to c*m? Let's play and see.


I would like to thank Lady Helena for the magnificent week 3 of training She has given you with a most exciting and excitable weekly assignment. I am training you to be the best version of yourself which includes dedicating your life to serve and please your Keyholder. I know you want to pay tribute to Lady Helena, My slave girl (on her BD), for the arousing week of many pleasures She has provided for you. She deserves it! I know after Week 3 you are getting so close to where I want you to be.

This has been an exciting month soon cumming to a Climax on Halloween, the 31st. I still have a trick or two up My sleeve for week 4. Just wait and see. you will thank Me for allowing you to feel the GREATEST pleasure of your submission as My chastity slave with such a desire to show your obedience. Remember it’s not over until your POWERFUL Domina gives the command.


I am at the BEACH hanging out with MY FAMILY. Lady H had to go home already, this time no stingray incidents.....We are having a blast. I am loving eating these oysters. Oysters are known as sexy food for stimulating the libido...but what REALLY turns Me on, is thinking of you so desperate to Please Me. Kisses.

you can send Me your WEEK 3 journals. I really look forward to reading them and getting a response to you.


Oh, next week’s blog cums early on Wednesday when VAMPIRES swoop down to take you away...wicked, spooky and so sexy. As a special treat all Contracted may have a repeat performance on Nov. 1st. I’m too good to you.

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Then early next week:
Several of My favorites Halloween sessions are on SPECIAL.

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