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Collar Me Hard

These past few weeks have been more sexually intense than usual.  So, this week with - Collar Me Hard - I’m bringing you to a deeper state of servitude and enslavement.  Listen to My voice, this is your FOCAL POINT.  Triggered into a state of frenzied arousal, connecting you directly to your Domina.  It does not matter if you are already wearing My collar or just feel the desire for a deeper enslavement, this is perfect for you.

It’s time to make this a permanent arrangement.  I am bringing together the power of My hypnotic sessions, when your subconscious mind completely gives in for Me and brings these sensations into your daily life in O/our reality.  Collared and owned.  Committed to your Domina.  Lost in obedience and your need for submission, a perfect state of being.  Lost in the pleasure of serving a Goddess.  Lost in the pleasure of enslavement and servitude as My property.  I know you feel this, don’t you My puppy?  Make Me feel it.  Make it REAL to Me.
you already know that the compulsion to listen is too strong to resist...Listen and OBEY My puppy.

NOTE:  If you have NOT been OFFICIALLY collared and desire to be so, email for details....It will be so hot to personally place My collar around your you surrender and devote yourself to serving Me with My SLAVE CONTRACT.  Can’t wait to share with you My SFS site.


From time to time, when I feature an “erotic” climax, I will be providing you, My devoted CHASTITY slave, who cares for Me by a regular monthly Offering, a Chastity Assignment.  This will be the second one I will send to your email, to guide you through this NEW 4 day Chastity Assignment.

If you don’t regularly send a Chastity Offering, you can do it now and get in on this arousing assignment.  Make your Offering and email Me with Offering in the subject line with your information.  I will then send you the Assignment to spend the next 4 days following My instructions, keeping you just how I want you.


I was able to enjoy a couple of days away at the beach, even if the weather wasn’t perfect.  I love the beach.  So, later in July I’ll be taking a longer well deserved vacation.  you can make it a very SPECIAL BEACH ADVENTURE for Me and join in the fun.  Stay tuned for updates and details about this special interactive opportunity I will be giving you.  Kisses of LOVE for those who helped cover some of My expenses this time.

A reminder about My slave Girl, Lady Helena.  Go feel the thrill of being used in - MY Chamber---Hypnotic Sex Toy.

Next week, fall for Me with your mind and heart...Princess is PLEASURE!!!  Let’s say NAUGHTY Princess!  Irresistible with MY PICTURES.  I have a plan for you...each step, part of a larger plan.  It’s all coming together.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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