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Collar Me Hard | Shelle RiversCollar Me Hard | Shelle Rivers

Collar Me Hard


Product SKU: Collar Me Hard

What would you give to be TAKEN even further into submission to a point where our relation transcends time?

Length: 45 Minutes
Level: Powerful
Category: Enslavement-Mind Control

A compulsion...

My pet, recent sessions have demonstrated the nature of our intimate relationship - with Me as the Dominant and you as My submissive.  My words arouse your senses, ensnares your mind, to the extent that I am fast becoming the focal point of all your thoughts and desires...Giggles  you have learned the pleasures of obedience, devotion and servitude to Me, that at a fundamental level, you love and crave My voice and My attention.

My puppy, what would you give to be TAKEN even further into submission to a point where our relation transcends time?  Would you give Me your freedom, your love, your complete servitude?

In this session I offer you this opportunity, to fully commit yourself to Me - Your Domina, Your Mistress, Your Princess - by acknowledging Me as your OWNER.  Ownership is a powerful concept for any submissive and I want you to identify yourself proudly (even rigidly - giggles), as My beloved slave.  you know that you TRUST ME, and as My pet, and My property, I will love and train you to be an even more obedient and devoted slave to Me.

Fall for Me, My Pet, My Puppy, My Love.  Be Mine forever!  I have chosen you and you know that you cannot resist ME!

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Wednesday, 14 July 2021
An erotically charged drop into even deeper submission for Domina Shelle; She is incredibly controlling, and yet sweetly seductive at the same time. She will take you down deep, and then proceed to programme your mind, so that it becomes even easier to accept Her ownership of you, both in body and mind. There is nothing to fear here though, She makes the drop, and the acceptance such a blissful experience, that all you will want to do is drop deeper, do it faster, and simply stay there, accepting that your place, is wherever She says, doing as She wishes... And doing as She wishes, well, that's a pleasure trip in of itself. If you are a devoted slave of Domina, this will help deepen your devotion, if you are yet to take the steps to full commitment to Her, this may well be the step you need to take, to assure you, that being on your knees for Her, is your rightful place; for either though, this will be a pure pleasure trip.
Sunday, 25 April 2021
Very deep trance. i just loved how Domina took me. The only thing i truly remember is... Domina Shelle owns me, i will obey Her forever.
Friday, 06 October 2017
Not for the faint of heart. An amazing deep trance by the lovely Domina Shelle
Tuesday, 04 July 2017
Wow! what an experience! After listening to this, I know I I am now Dominant's property. Willingly obedient to whatever she commands me. Now I know domina shelle owns me, I will obey her forever. I'll wear my collar proudly for her.
Sunday, 02 July 2017
Sometimes I slip in obedience and forget how important Domina is in my life. Collar Me Hard-- is the answer to such “unproductive” moments. Domina brings me down with the well known phrases of sweet dominance – she demands obedience and affirmation – “Yes Domina” - I go along with her game – finally i do want to relax – “Yes Domina” is so calming. Domina keeps my mind focused with a simple task: And e warm soapy water I prepare cleanses my mind and my thought bubble away – I somehow dissolve in the water and disappear. How much do wish that Domina will dip her cute toes into the warm water that has dissolved me – into myself. I want to wrap around her beautiful feet. She leads me away towards a session of worship and submission. When I come back out of trance my submission and obedience is reestablished – there is nothing as important as Domina – there is no arousal without submission to Her - I want to give her everything – I want to be consumed by Her Dominance.
Sunday, 02 July 2017
I know I say this with every file, but I do really really love this file. Its hot, its amazing. I love it soo much. Dominas voice has gotten sexier and sexier with each year. This file is like the best sex I've ever had
Saturday, 01 July 2017
Domina Shelle owns me. i obey Her forever. Domina Shelle owns me. i obey Her forever. Domina Shelle owns me. i obey Her forever.
Friday, 30 June 2017
I've fallen for Princess Shelle harder than I even know. The depth of my submission surprises and delights me. My life is better in many ways now that it is devoted to HER.
Thursday, 29 June 2017
A slave might wear a ring, a bracelet, a tie or a necklace. Domina Shelle knows as well as you do that the real collar is around your mind. It is strengthened every time you kneel, and with ever word you hear in that Voice. Domina Shelle offers a new collar to Her submissive's bonds in this session. It can never be removed, and you will never want it to be.
Wednesday, 28 June 2017
There, brilliance strikes again! This session has everything, a dedicated slave of Domina Shelle can wish for. Starting with a deeply relaxing inductions, it deepened my devotion and obedience as well as the wonderful feeling to be controlled and powerless. I was already collared, but the submissive feelings my collar causes in me have become even stronger.
The session end with a highly erotic fantasy, that has found it's way into my dreams! Thank You, Domina! You own me, I will obey You forever!
Sunday, 25 June 2017
I will remember this session for the rest of my life because it is the session that resulted in my capitulation and enslavement by Domina Shelle. For a l as I do now. For those of you considering this session and being collared in general, I recommend this file. It contains all the fundamental elements you will need to become her slave. Domina is an exceptional person and deserves all our adoration and respect. She gives so much of herself to us and I for one plan to dedicate myself to her!
Sunday, 25 June 2017
my collar feels a bit tighter now and it gives me more comfort to belong to my beloved Domina always & forever.
i crave to be walked around with it attached to Her leash.. or just kneel at Her beautiful feet.
Yes: Domina Shelle owns me! i will obey Her forever!
Saturday, 24 June 2017
i have just finished listening to Domina Shelle's latest File Collar Me Hard.

This exquisite erotic session takes us into a very personal and intimate experience with Princess Shelle. The File should be treated as a special reward and listened to ideally if you have been a good boy/girl for Her recently.

Domina Shelle's sweet Voice Guides us in our deepest Desires of Ownership to Her and how much we crave to Obey Her.

For Her slaves who do not Mantra regularly, this File is also a perfect motivator and will enhance your trance state during Mantra.

Listen and get carried into a blissful state. i know i will Condition to this File many times.

Domina Shelle owns me…, i will obey Her forever……
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