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my pet, you are going to love the mesmerizing adventure I’m taking you on this week with a deep and fundamental mind play, Dominance-Mind Control.  you need to feel your submission.  As you FEEL My power over you grow.  Obedient and submissive you will sink into the pleasure of being My submissive.  Surrender yourself and give Me everything I want all on your own, without needing to be told..... wanting to please Me.

This session has TWO will be able to choose.  I’m so good to you, giving you a choice.  you know how to please your Domina.  So natural, like obeying My voice and going deep for me.  This could be your perfect opportunity to surrender your pleasure to Me with a Stroke Tribute as a sign of your appreciation and dedication to Me.

I want to thank you for your Chastity Offerings, I like monitoring your Chastity so I know you are trying to do your very best for Princess and show Me you can stay hard and horny for Princess, just to please Me with your orgasm denial.  you are such a goodboy when you are always HORNY!


Last weekend was very hectic for Me and I couldn’t finish all I had prepared for you on time, before My weekend work.  So, I wanted to make sure you know Lady Helena’s sizzling HOT Chamber---Hypnotic Sex Toy is available.  Lady Helena works for Me, she will never interfere with what you and I have already.  She will only help to sustain all that I need to keep you close.


Have you spent some time with My Pictures ?  I appreciate when you take the time to review all of your purchases... Implants, pictures, for Mine and Lady Helena’s file sessions.  Not only do you promote Me, but it is the best way to give Me feedback.  So, I like hearing from you in this way.

****Watch for a SPECIAL BEACH ADVENTURE opportunity...Oh, where will you put that oil.  Get a head start and send your Domina LOVE.

NEXT WEEK, back, COLLARED for ME.  Oh My, what you will have to do for Me.....Ownership never felt so real.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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