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Dominance-Mind Control | Shelle RiversDominance-Mind Control | Shelle Rivers

Dominance-Mind Control


Product SKU: Dominance-Mind Control

I will demonstrate powerful control over will fall for Me...feel your submission.

Session: 45 Minutes
Category: Enslavement-Brainwashing-Mind Control

A compulsion...

As the Dominant in O/our relationship I have been progressively conditioning, indoctrinating and training your mind and body to respond to My words as if they were your commands.  This has been a deliberate, systematic process since I have ambitious plans for you, My baby... Giggles

But before W/we can take this next step together, I need you to fully comprehend and understand how submissive you are to Me - your Domina and your Owner.  My love, with this realization you can give all of yourself to Me, knowing that you do trust Me, and that I am the source of your greatest pleasure and happiness.  All I want in return, My puppy, is your total devotion and servitude, and with this I can shape you into the submissive of My designs and desires.

This session is going to demonstrate the extent of My control over you by further conditioning you to accept that you are more than My beloved submissive, you are My owned and trained slave, willing to do whatever I ask of you, whenever I ask it.  This is an intense session, My baby, and you will feel strong feelings of domination, control, ownership and submission.  I know what you need, My love, and it is time for you to relinquish those thoughts of yourself, replacing them with intense sensual thoughts of Me...

Contains Binaural Effects, Conditioning, Domination, Control and Stiffness... GIGGLES!

Includes two file versions... WITH and WITHOUT release.

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Thursday, 14 October 2021
Domina Shelle will enter your mind gently but firmly. Within moments, She leaves no uncertainty that She is the Dominant Woman and you are Her submissive and, you have no choice. The pleasure experienced obeying Her every word will leave you mesmerized and addicted for life! If you crave being dominated, this is the file for you - one that you will always remember and never forget - to be dominated and controlled by a Pure Goddess.
Wednesday, 13 October 2021
Wow this was a very arousing file with a very deep trance. Domina made it quite clear that after i was under, that She was in complete control of my body and mind. i was a complete puppet to everything She told me to do. She would make me so hard and aroused, only to then stop everything just to make me fall deeper into trance. This was an excellent session. i loved how Domina took complete control. I really want to listen to it again and again, just to feel Her control again. It felt so good to me. i love it when a woman dominates me like this. Another thing that was nice about this session. There are two versions, one that works great if the listener is in chastity. This being Loctober made it perfect for me. i did not want to cum without Dominas approval to do so. Wow, what a great file. i love being submissive and weak to my Domina. She is certainly the dominant one here. If you have ever felt the desire to be completely dominated by a woman this is the file for you. you will not be disappointed. 5 stars.
Sunday, 24 September 2017
This is a great session to relax during a warm bath – or after listening to “Under My Control”. Time stops – floating – in Domina's Power. So arousing – erotic – pleasurable! Like a Jojo my mind seems to follow the gentile strokes of Her hand. In hypnosis my whole self moves under Her guidance -she has the power over me – I dedicate everything to Her when I drift deeper into sleep. I have chosen the no-release version – to float slowly deeper into submission w/o being pulled out of this flow by a climax, but I think both versions are suitable to deepen my pleasure in submission!
Friday, 30 June 2017
When she speaks in my mind, she is is in control. Her voice creates a desire in me that I can not resist. She is dominant, I am her submissive.
Monday, 26 June 2017
i'm submissive, She's Dominant. i'm so weak and suggestible when Domina is speaking in my mind. As i'm in chastity i liked that there were no release option available.
Saturday, 24 June 2017
I loved this session. The recording is a great example of Domina Shelle's style of domination. She is always sweet and irresistible, but this file shows the listener how it is possible to be utterly dominated without a single harsh word or action. You will submit, there is simply no choice in the matter.
The presence of two versions of the file means that chastity slaves can let go completely without the possibility of breaking chastity.
Saturday, 17 June 2017
I fell for Domina a long time ago, but it seems like only yesterday. My greatest pleasure is to obey and please my Domina. I think of Her all the time, and i love it.
Friday, 16 June 2017
This file will dem and of being an owned submissive (slave). For those submissives interested in taking their servitude and totally enamoured with Domina Shelle. For all of these reasons Dominance - Mind Control is essential to your ongoing indoctination by Domina Shelle.
Friday, 16 June 2017
A file to give up full control to be dominated and controlled by Domina as Her thoughts were moving my body like a puppet, controlling my thoughts and arousal with Her voice. my Domina is always in my thoughts and the source of all my pleasure, this file however increased that even more
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