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Distraction is Pleasure

--- Listen to a Sample ---

Please be warned, I’m really good at this...My slave, with repetitive listening these powerful euphoric emotions and deep potent desires may lead to some permanent changes in your submissive behavior.  This includes more frequent periods of horniness and arousal (when thinking of your Domina), and an increased obsession and addiction.  One taste of My lips, a sweet DISTRACTION.... DISTRACTION is Pleasure.

Can you imagine Me as your, right?  Just imagine that sweet lil Girl that took all the boys' money at school, teasing them with Her sexy body...but never giving them even a peep.  Well they all had Me as their “Girlfriend” (at least a hard crush and fantasy) and I learned young that I deserved to be spoiled and pampered.  I also learned young how much fun it is to play with your mind.  Like playing with putty...Giggles!!!

And now I'm all grown up...What would you do to be My boyfriend?  This week’s EXTREMELY SEXY and HYPNOTIC session shows you the way....Ummm, would you let Me whisper into your ear? ...Oh Wow, what would I say..."come a lil closer, My baby" or "unzip your pants and stroke that engorged c*ck for Me" or...hummm, So SEXY to be teased....would you like to taste My lips?  Of course you would.

What if I used My sexy words and soft sensual body to DISTRACT you, while the REAL thing happens without your even noticing.  Now that is ENTICING!

Well, I already know what you need...So, My pumping thoughts into your LOVE FILLED BRAIN would be like taking candy from My baby.  Just sneaking a little here and a little piece’re just like putty in My hands.  I take it all... giggles...all because you are too f*cking hard to notice what My subliminal messages are doing to your brain.

I'm kidding, silly....Just listen and see if you want to be My if you have a choice.  A warning.  Never pissoff a Dominant Girlfriend.

I also have a special present for My sissy girl...A version just for you, coming soon.

If you want Me as your girlfriend you can Dress Me Up and I’ll send you sexy personal pictures for when you are alone, fantasizing about Me.


I know that this will shock you, but this contractor is still NOT finished...Almost, but I can’t get rid of him.  I think I may have to hypnotize you...take what little brain he has and send him packing.

Challenge To PLEASE.  I'm so good to you, My puppy, giving you this opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of pleasing Me as your reward...I love allowing you PLEASURE!

My special deals this week ...

Victim of Mindlessness --
This is a COMPULSION.  This is truly Hypno-NOTHINGNESS...

Wet Dreams --
I want to be your next WET DREAM--I want to control your mind with the most erotic of My thoughts.

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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