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DOMINA’S Triple Shot


Did you miss Me?  Awwww...I missed you too, My puppy.  I had a productive week coming back with a very diverse choice of file sessions for you, My puppy.  There are three choices and if you are really daring and willing to put yourself at My feet and in My trusting hands, then all three choices could be arousing experiences.  Pushing your limits. Giggles!

First of all I have two fun, sexy sessions, Tranceformation - Puppy & Sissy Puppy.. Domina wants to play with Her frisky little get so excited I know when I let you lick My feet and toes, don’t you.  This is a SPECIAL game between Me and you...Hypnotic, sexy SUBMISSIVE!  you love all of those.
I get to trance-form you into a good puppy, one a female and one a male.  Will you become My little hump puppy?  The idea of being a simple lil happy puppy is so appealing, not only feeling helpless but also being completely dependent on your Mistress Owner for everything.  Let Me hear you SURRENDER B.

CAUTION:  EXTREME DANGER---READ COMPLETELY before purchasing.  I'm not kidding!

My pet, I have prepared a session so powerful and so wicked that I will warn you up front...This session involves a different kind of PLEASURE.  Shelle's Money Management -- EXTREME Financial DOMME session is an incredibly arousing experience.  The pleasure comes not ONLY from staying chaste and hard, but from Me dominating you FINANCIALLY.  Imagine this deeper level of submission and obedience.

If you like playing EXTREME money games...My sexy little toes will take it all.  Listen to Me seduce you, as I pull piles of your money with my feet...Feel the PLEASURE of ME teasing you into laying your money at My sexy feet.  My Chastity slave, this PLEASURE is better than c*mming, although you don’t have to be in Chastity to be affected.  I am searching for My Sugar Daddy…Giggles!!!  There are so many ways to please Me….are you UP to trying this way?

The more dangerous the game, the more massive the rewards... Hear My sweet voice show you the wicked side of your Domina...come listen and find the depths of feelings you thought weren’t there.  I’ll help you find them.  Take no offense if it is not for you.  If you are not prepared to be financially manipulated, this may not be for you. Although you can still just listen to what it MIGHT feel like...and with the stimulation, it might be a tiny part of you and I wouldn’t let you fall too far.  I’ll allow that too.  If you ignore all warnings, here is the link for your money drop...

Be warned, what have you got to lose, except EVERYTHING. ~giggles~


I want to thank you for your support with the Farm Assignment and accepting My Challenge to Please.  I will give you an update next week where W/we are on reaching My goal of $5500.

Last week at The Farm a lot happened ......There was still cotton in some fields.  Wow, they were RACING to get it all picked.  Plus at the farmhouse, there was so much happening too.  Just small ongoing updating.  Plus, all that was happening with My sister...Thank you for all of your LOVE during this time.  By the way, she is doing well!

Speaking of FARMS---Guess who is getting a miniature piggy....NOT ME!


Contracted, Look for this month’s session “Trigger-Washed", a brainwashing trigger file.  you will love this’s sexy fun, at least for Me...

Next week, I will mesmerize you, again, with the swaying curves of My dancing body as I draw you into My crystal ball.  It will be amazing.  I am taking extra time to produce some mind blowing special effects.

Wish Me luck on a LONG work weekend!

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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