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Extreme Dissociation

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-3 - Extreme Dissociation

By now, My puppy, you’ve realized that Loctober LOCKDOWN is not so much about Chastity, but more about U/us, you the slave and Me, your Domina. And since you enjoyed being so useful to Me last week, I will let you continue being useful with LOCTOBER 2021 Week-3 - Extreme Dissociation as My lab rat. I am using a somewhat experimental hypnotic technique to help you to simply obey, so easily, by dissociating you from your own body. As I control your subconscious mind and your will, I now take control of your physical self.

your bodily movements are now under My control, like a puppet on My string. you trust Me to surrender yourself all control of your sex COMPLETELY to My Absolute Authority. I am helping you, My puppet. The pleasure of being obedient and controlled in Chastity becomes so easy when you just do what you’re told. The more obedient, the more you distance yourself from yourself.

This is about Me and you. With continued dissociation training and reinforcement, mental chastity is a safe sustainable way for My devoted slave to integrate Me PERMANENTLY into your life and accept that it is My pleasure that matters. you live a selfless, fulfilling life dedicated to your Domina.

That’s why CHASTITY. you can have a fulfilling life of submissive pleasure just by doing what I tell you to do. I am always in your mind, always pulling your strings, showing you how you can be so aroused and at ease being Chaste for Me at the same time. you need Me to Dominate you, to take away your ability and desire to c*m at all, and I have.

And then when I allow you to orgasm for Me next week, W/we consummate O/our relationship with an incredible mutual experience.

For My gurls, you are My Guinea Piggie this week. ~giggles ~


My puppet, leave a review of this session, so I know the effect Dissociation had on you.

Again, even if you are not in Loctober LOCKDOWN, this week’s session stands on its own as a very effective hypnotic session.

If you chose the 3-WEEK Chastity option, this is your last week. Follow your instructions regarding release.


WEEK-4 Loctober LOCKDOWN....Every fantasy cumming true under My most powerful control.

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