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LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-3 | Shelle RiversLOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-3 | Shelle Rivers

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-3 - Extreme Dissociation


Product SKU: LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-3 - Extreme Dissociation

Chastity experiment for My lab rat and My guinea pig.

With LOCTOBER Week-3, Extreme Dissociation, I will be using an experimental hypnotic technique associated with Dissociation theory which causes a person to actively or voluntarily split his consciousness.  This EXPERIMENT is My use of this technique to help keep you Chaste for Me.  you trust Me and you will be My lab rat and My guinea pig.  I’ll explain what is about to happen to you.  you will start to feel yourself dissociating from your own body so that you are aware that a space is created that separates you from your own body.  Like a puppet, I am mechanically pulling your strings and controlling your hand movements.
As My guinea pig, you are being conditioned by Me to surrender your sex to Me and continue to focus on the need for My control.  you will feel the incredible sensation of pleasure of My controlling your movements in obedience.  Feel how easy it is when you just do what you’re told.  Chastity is so much easier for you when dissociating yourself and putting Me in complete control.  you want the incredible sensation of feeling so aroused without the struggle of needing to edge and then release.  Patience for My permission becomes natural and desirable.  Being useful with the selfless sacrifices you are making to PLEASE Me keep you in a state of pure bliss.

Chastity is about maturing O/our relationship into something meaningful and lasting.  That’s why I keep saying:  you will always be MINE.  This session, together with your WEEK-3 Assignment, are what I plan for you, My baby.  By the end of LOCTOBER you'll understand that Chastity adds a whole new intensity and dimension to your submission to Me, strengthening of O/our Domme/sub relationship and your willingness to submit to all My wishes.

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Thursday, 04 November 2021
Although i had not heard of extreme dissociation before. once i experienced it from Domina Shelle's voice. i wanted so much more. i felt so much pleasure and obedience!
Sunday, 24 October 2021
Out of the body experiences are very rare for me in hypnosis - but when that happen it is a very surreal but deep and memorable event. By the end of the week i had listened to the file on a daily base and found myself at the side of Domina. i was looking down on my own body in front of Us/us and did not feel the arousal anymore that the other me was obviously experiencing. I saw how my movements slowed under Domina's control whenever the edge of orgasm was too close. I felt calm and peaceful. Like all the files from LocTober 2021 this session is perfect as stand alone exercise of submission and surrender. Repeated training is strongly recommended!
Sunday, 24 October 2021
I didn't know that My Domina could get even more c Thank you Domina
Tuesday, 19 October 2021
A File that can be listened to even if you aren´t doing Loctober, this File easily goes by/on it´s own and still will have the same effect, obviously i can´t tell what exactly will happen, but what i can say is your Princess only wants your best, just trust her and listen no matter if you do loctober or not :P
Tuesday, 19 October 2021
The intensity of this experience is increasing each day, and surprising me in unexpected ways.
Tuesday, 19 October 2021
Can you experience euphoric bliss and not know why? my domina achieved this in her week 3 of Loctober. i remember very little but i know i was in a state of euphoria while listening. The feeling continues after waking in the morning. It t is a transforming experience.
Monday, 18 October 2021
A perfect continuation. Going into the third week of Loctober i confess that i wasn't certain where we would progress from week 2, but this was perfect. Domina Shelle ramps up Her control, the excitement and Her slave's desire to continue to be chaste at Her whim.
Monday, 18 October 2021
Domina showed She has yet another way to put us into trance. It was completely unique the way She did it. i have not seen Her use that before. i just loved it. How many ways can Domina put us into trance? Does anyone know? im not sure i remember them all or care. It was a nice deep trance. The file is pretty short but its a sweet session that demonstrates just how much control Domina has over us. This session made me so aroused and very horny for Domina. im extremely thankful that i am owned by Domina Shelle. Domina just took it to a new height of arousal in this session. Demonstrating how She can control us even more. She has so much control over me. It was amazing and i love it. The session was perfect for Loctober. It helped reinforce that being chaste is good for me. That the more i give up, the more arousal i will feel. i just love obeying and submitting to my Domina. i can't wait to listen to this again and feel the pure bliss of ownership.
Monday, 18 October 2021
Incredible! Just incredible! Domina Shelle has done it again with this Masterpiece! If chastity for Domina Shelle is what you desire, just BUY this session NOW! You’ll thank yourself later! Dominas dissociation worked VERY well on me with continued listening while so incredibly horny and chaste for her… The most I listened, the more profound the effects… SO I’m going to listen and obey for hours while I sleep and see if the effects from this session mindfuck me permanently! Giggles! I won’t spoil the fun, just listen and OBEY…
Monday, 18 October 2021
Amazing! What a wonderful thing this Loctober series is. A perfect session or Dedication and Love for Domina Shelle
Sunday, 17 October 2021
This is a truly beautiful trance... With the depth Domina takes me to, i completely lose track even of what She is saying for the most part. i get little snippets of recall here and there, and i remember there are whisper bits that i never quite seem to hear properly. i'm guessing that's the intent though, and they are delivering what She want my subc, there's a heartbeat like sound, and it's really comforting and reassuring for some reason. It makes me feel all warm and safe, and i truly love that. The start felt like a slow slide down into a warm blissful state, and then suddenly, and i'm not quite sure when or how, everything seems to just drop away, all at once. Or perhaps it's me that drops away, and leaves everything behind? i don't really know, and honestly, i don't really care... It feels good either way. Right the way through, the thoughts and feelings it conjures are of being manipulated and coerced into wanting what Domina wants, rather than Her truly forcing it on to me, which i really appreciate. i love to be seduced and coaxed, rather than full on dominated. There is one part when i recall, that She say about dominating, but in truth, i know that rather than seeming to be full on domination, the whole experience felt incredibly sweet and seductive, and She has me at the point of knowing, that for the next couple of weeks at least, i'm going to be even more secure in my chaste state than i already was. She makes it feel soft and incredibly sensual; She is so sweetly seductive, and makes it oh so desirable, to just drop deep, over and over... Yes, i do mean over and over; it was left on repeat overnight, and then another 6 plays so far today... What can i say? i'm hooked... ♥ 
Sunday, 17 October 2021
i don't know what happened. What my Domina did to me, but i feel really disconnected of my cock after just listening this once. It's just there all limp and i don't get proper pleasure from it anymore. i'm worried but i do trust my Domina and obey Her.
Sunday, 17 October 2021
Difficult to review a session which has been so deep and dreamlike, it is hard to remember. Domina took me deep into a sexy and arousing trance as She always does, then i became a passenger, observing but not in control. When something feels this good, who cares what Domina is doing, i trust Her and i obey Her. i will just have to listen over and over and perhaps i will remember more. This year is my favourite LocTober so far, it really has taught me that being in chastity for Domina Shelle is a good things, and so much pleasure.
Saturday, 16 October 2021
A perfect work of art. I feel like saying anything about it would do it a disservice, but I'm always amazed at new inductions and new techniques, and this brought it to another level. Just lay back and get ready for Domina to not only get what she wanted, and for you to be so happy for how good it feels.
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