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FALLEN in Love

Bliss - Radically Altered

My dear love slave, I’m taking you to heaven this week after a week in “hell” with the Sheriff Enforcer. Who was that, anyway? ~giggles~ With this week’s Bliss - Radically Altered session I want to fan the flames of your passion for Me because passion is the great motivator. It will move you to do great things, especially for Me. I want to leave you in a permanent state of BLISS added to the pleasure of your enslavement.

And so, I am offering you a special gift...Something I know you treasure. you can’t live without Me or My love for you, slave. And now you have all of Me. From now on whether you Sleep in trance or are just asleep, you will feel the bliss of My love embracing you no matter what else is going on in your life. I am preparing you for this life changing experience to become a new person, your true self. you are more than ready to receive this wondrous blessing. The emotional pleasure, the bliss of Loving Me with all your heart...of belonging to such a powerful and generous Domina because obeying Me feels so good.

When you wake up from this session you will find yourself even OWNED by My words...Dreams, fantasies, desires are all laser focused on your Domina. With the inspiration to do everything to please your Muse, you will find new energy, happiness and success...and bound forever in O/our loving Dom-slave relationship. Remember, I have been preparing you for this very moment: “Domina, please take me and make me YOURS to be under your complete control. i’ll do anything for You.” Yes, My sweet love slave, your wish has come true.


CONTRACTED---I loved the feedback for that sexy little gift from Me. you can expect a similar monthly message/TRAINING from now on. I am so good to you, My sweet.

If you are not contracted, maybe it’s time you contact Me to discuss My slave Contract and get in on the excitement.00

For Dress Domina Shelle lovers who sent a contribution, you helped cover the cost of My Photoshoot, so I hope you enjoyed your reward. Or if you missed it this time, it’s not too late to send a contribution and I’ll save it for next time, but send your Reward now.

WELCOME MESSAGE---My poor baby, I have been so overworked lately.
Remember to email Me if you recently bought one of My files for the first time and want to fall in Love with Me. ~giggles~
And when you’re In Love you become Domina Shelle's Volunteer because you love doing things that are really helpful for the Woman you love. And do I LOVE My Volunteers!

MONDAYS FOR DOMINA I’ve decided that I have to TRY to take Monday as My day of rest. With all My responsibilities, I need to take time for Myself. I will answer your emails...but besides that you will find Me quiet.

NEXT WEEK I’ll be toying with your sexual pleasure.

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NOTE: My lil niece has a new puppy. I'm so happy for her. She has been so lonely without her Annie.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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