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Brainwashed I Series by Shelle RiversBrainwashed I Series by Shelle Rivers

Brainwashed I Series


Product SKU: Brainwashed I Series

The complete Brainwashed Phase I Series--Programmed 1-9

Length: 156+ minutes
Level: Progressive-Strong
Category: Brainwashing--Erotic Hypnosis
Sample: LINK

Dangerous Wicked Princess takes Brainwashing to a whole new level.

The COMPLETE Brainwashed series, this series includes 9 steps of your Brainwashing Program.  Take one easy step at a time, falling and slipping helplessly.

Time to wash away all that clutter, in your little brain.  It's time to be Brainwashed by Me.

This will prepare you for your phase two Brainwashing.


Program 1 - To Be Brainwashed
Program 2 - To PLEASE
Program 3 - DREAMS
Program 4 - PICTURES
Program 5 - CHASTITY
Program 6 - MY VOICE
Program 7 - SISSY (This Step is optional)

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Tuesday, 13 July 2021
A little bit of everything that Domina wants and expects Her slaves to absorb and accept, giving Her easier access, and even more control. The further into the series you get, the easier things are to accept, including the fact that as Domina promises, there will be no turning back. Slip your earphones in, and take the ultimate steps towards your ultimate surrender: being completely programmed, controlled and owned by Domina Shelle... Once you let go and accept, only pleasure awaits.
Saturday, 19 December 2020
Invite Domina Shelle into your mind, your life and She will gift you the most pleasing, relaxing and unimaginable experiences! Listening to this series is such an incredible journey into Submission for Domina Shelle, hearing her voice in your mind, cleansing it, opening it to the possibilities that only Mistress Shelle can bring by being Brainwashed by her over and over again! This is a MUST have, thank you Domina Shelle!
Friday, 17 April 2020
Slip on your headset and prepare to have your weak little mind washed squeaky clean, for your Princess. If you are new to Domina Shelle's world, this is an essential, must-have series where She teaches you to not only crave Her unique brand of brainwashing, but also to need it, more and more, each day. Only continued, daily use of these files will prepare you to properly accept Her 2nd series of files, which you will find you MUST have by the time you finish this series.
Tuesday, 24 October 2017
Just an amazing series! The beginning steps f surrendering more fully to Domina. Feeling Princess slowly weep into my mind leaving her voice ringing in my head. So hot. What can I say? My mind, my body belong to her, now more than ever!
Saturday, 01 July 2017
Brainwashed, you will think about it all the time, i have only just begun and i can't get it out of my mind already. This program is more than it seems. Definately worrth a deep listen. You WILL be brainwashed.LOL
Wednesday, 14 December 2016
When you begin your journey with the first file, there is no way out, you will want to continue and you will love it. Don't hesitate
Monday, 22 August 2016
This Series was awesome, as soon as you listen to the first File she makes you want more, so that you will want to listen to the rest of the Series and as soon as you are done with the Series maybe even before, you will realized that you want sooo much more, you don´t want to stop after this Series...There you will realize that she owned you and you will want to fall more for her, until there will be no escape for you anymore, i know this may sounds dangerous, but don´t worry you will love to be underneath her, i for myself can say she is the best that ever happened to me
Thursday, 27 August 2015
Absolutely a captivating journey with Domina Shelle penetrating softly but persistently deeper and deeper. Once you are bitten you will be smitten and there will be no turning back because you would want more and need more of Domina Shelle. A journey of blissful loss of control.
Saturday, 13 June 2015
Princess Shelle is so beautiful both in body and in soul. This series has made me fall so deep for my Domina and has left me begging for more. More enslavement, more brainwashing. Please, my Domina, Brainwash me to be Your perfect slave.
Sunday, 10 May 2015
I'm so very lucky to have found such a proficient, and effective domina! I've been to many hypnotists to sate my hypno-fetish, but it never seemed to work. Princess Shelle, however, had me conquered almost instantly, mind, body, and soul. I just can't seem to get enough now her honeyed voice now! She completely and utterly owns me, and I couldn't be more content. Thank you so much Princess Shelle, you glorious mind f**k goddess you!~
Monday, 30 March 2015
Very important files necessary to understand what it means to be a slave to Domina Shelle. They set a great foundation to Phase II and the further path to submission.
Monday, 04 August 2014
This whole brainwashing program is one of the best things that ever happend to me. i got them to satisfy my brainwashing fetish but was quite surprised how good they worked on me. and now i cannot stop brainwashing myself for Princess Shelle every day. It feels so good to surrender to Her sugestions. To be brainwashed, to crave Her Voice, to please Her in any way. Thank you Mistress Shelle for taking control of this slave more and more. Princess Shelle owns me i will obey Her forever
Sunday, 29 June 2014
At first the impression of being completly BRAINWASHED by my Princess Shelle shocked me slightly. But after listining i noticed how wrong this fear was. Beeing BRAINWASAHED by my Mitress-Princess is pleasure & pure ecstasy. She put me completly under her spell and i am very happy about that. I can only recommend every one who hasn't been listening to the BRAINWASHED series to catch it up. Thank You Princess Shelle for leading me on the right way. I will love You forever.
Sunday, 22 June 2014
BRAINWASHING review It start out with the B-word than it always that sweet voice of ,Princess Shelle Than you are taken her into your mind which become own now Princess Shelle Setting up the B-word than you are saying and doing what your Domina Princess Shelle command,for you know pleasure bring on obedience. So as pet ,a slave ,you are saying yes Princess Shelle to everything, like I want to be in chastity for my Princess Shelle so I can be horny all the time for my Domina Princess Sheelle Does this make any cent Yes it is the Brainwashing to your Princes Shelle
Saturday, 15 March 2014
Having been interested in hypnosis for a number of years I came across Princess on the internet and was immediately taken by her wonderful voice. I've always been intrigued by brainwashing and who better to do it than someone who also says it is her first love. Like a number of reviewers I too listened to the series fairly quickly, but soon realised the obedient way was to go back and take each at a leisurely pace. Now I am slowly working my way through and already feel and hear a presence inside my mind that is so delightful. Even if I wanted to turn back there would be no way of doing it now, but I certainly don't want to and just long to do deeper and deeper. Thankyou Princess Shelle for making me whole.
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