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Freedom From Domina

Freedom is Domina

My sex slave, can you stop thinking of Me watching over you? you find My erotic and sensual hypnotic World so compelling. But, is it too much or still not enough excitement? I think this week with Freedom is Domina, W/we should think about FREEDOM, your Freedom. Have you ever truly considered what freedom is?
What does it mean to be truly free? And, is it Freedom (an escape from Me) that you want? Or, is it the Freedom I give you as My submissive subject so you are free from having to decide anything?

I can free you however you truly desire. you know I only want what is best for you. After all, being under My complete control you may feel shackled by My desires... addicted and compelled to do everything I tell you to do. This constant hypnotic conditioning and programming may be too much to bear. So, let Me help you investigate and get to the TRUTH of the matter. What would happen to you without Me? What emotions and feelings come to mind? I really want to know, so, it’s a great time to leave a brief review of this session to let Me know. I am here to help you achieve your deepest desire and satisfy your needs.

I want you to get very comfortable for Me and fall deeper when you listen to My soft, sweet voice and contemplate the true meaning of Freedom. Think of this. The more you trust in Me the freer you will become. There is no one who knows you better than I do. you have revealed your truest self to your Domina in so many ways. I am at the center of your world, the One you live for, the One who fulfills your needs and desires. The choice is yours. Don’t think this is a trick when I seduce you with My words and My cleavage, with My domination and My lips. After all, I am your Absolute Authority and source of all your pleasure. As I watch over your arousal building between your legs, you can softly say to yourself: Freedom is Domina. PERFECT!


I am finally feeling 100% better and back to My running and very positive about 2023 with you, My devoted sweetheart.

And, I have definitely decided I need a two day SPA adventure, so I am looking into it and will directly send My plans to a select few, to start that ball rolling.

Now, don’t feel left out. VALENTINE’S DAY is just around the corner, one of My very favorite Days of the year. And, this year, I will use any Gift of Love you want to send and show just how much you do LOVE Me for My WINTER Getaway. I’ve been working too hard and need to feel more like a Princess whose subjects worship at My feet and would do anything to serve My needs.

Just so you know, I have had a family emergency that brought Me home to Tennessee. I will fill you in soon.


Challenge to Please will pay for My Hotel and meals while I'm here in Tennessee. I have to stay close to the hospital at least until My sister is out of ICU.

Also, next week’s session--Hummm, not sure yet.

Take a look at this week’s special deals ~~~

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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