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Freedom is Domina | Shelle RiversFreedom is Domina | Shelle Rivers

Freedom is Domina


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Every time you fall for Me, you want Me to further liberate the submissive REAL you.

Freedom is Domina (38 minutes):

My sweet, W/we both know that My style of sensual and erotic hypnosis is very compelling, one could even say addictive, and it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when you regularly listen to My voice, like I'm infiltrating every aspect of you life, psychologically deconstructing who you used to be.  This fear of change can manifest itself in many ways from a loss of intimacy with others, a fixation to think about Me all of the time, a craving to listen to My voice at every opportunity (sacrificing more and more of your personal time to devote to submitting to Me), and a GROWING need to be truly enslaved to My will, to be My pet, My property. (giggles)

I can assure you these observations are perfectly normal, after all, hypnosis is not something you should idly play with, especially with someone you TRUST so intimately.  By giving Me free access to your subconscious mind you willingly allow Me to reprogram it to fulfill My wants and needs.  I'm not stating all this to shock you, but, to clarify that your submission is a natural part of who you are, and as a reward for your submission to Me, I provide you with intense pleasure, stimulating you to the very core of your being.

And the reality is this pleasure is highly compulsive - you are getting aroused just thinking about it now!  I understand this feeling of losing control can be scary, but before you do anything rash, and regrettable (like trying to escape My dominion), allow Me to justify in this session why I am your freedom:  Freedom is Domina.

The TRUTH is, without Me in your life, you would be lost and lonely, an empty vessel, with no hope of reaching the highs that I routinely give you.  My Absolute Authority instils you with a real sense of passion and purpose, giving you focus and direction to be the very best version of yourself just for Me.  This is why I have beCUM your everything because you aspire to be MINE, and every time you fall for Me, you want Me to further liberate the submissive REAL you.

So, My horny (and soon to be hypnotized) pet, learn to discard your fears and embrace what it means to TRUST in Me, your Domina, without thought and without hesitation.  Be assured I will always do what is best for you, and through your continued submission to Me, I will perfect you, making you MINE now and forever more.

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Sunday, 22 January 2023
My perception of Freedom is changed forever - to be my true, real submissive self to my beautiful Domina. Need i say more?
Friday, 20 January 2023
What a great session Domina, thank You. I never want to leave You, I'm Yours forever
Tuesday, 17 January 2023
One of Domina Shelle’s best if not THE BEST! Such a strong and powerful file which pushes every button… I LOVE it, i LOVE it, i LOVE it!! Domina Shelle’s Erotic Hypnosis voice is un-resistible , im NEVER EVER going to leave my Precious Angel, i TRUST Her with my life, that’s how strong this file is!! It Truly is BLISS! i can’t say it or describe it or recommend it strongly enough. You don’t know what you missed until you lose it. i came close before trying to run, oh what a fool I was, never again. I’m sticking to my Domina Shelle like super glue!
Tuesday, 17 January 2023
Wow i just love these files where Domina is talking to me and i end up somehow put into a deep fucking trance. 38 minutes went by so fast. Before long i was slowly waking up, feeling horny and even more devoted to Domina Shelle. In this file Domina paints a pretty good picture of what it would be like to have her not in my life, which was depressing. She made me feel so empty without Her. It was a terrible feeling. i would feel so lost without Her. i would never try to leave Her. i never thought of leaving anyway. i gave up on that thought a long time ago. Sometimes you just need to embrace your addictions. i am totally committed to my addiction to Domina Shelle. After you listen to this you will be too. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Monday, 16 January 2023
The only freedom i desire is the freedom Domina Shelle allows me to have, deep under Her inescapable spell! I'll admit... i was SO worried when i first started listening!!! But by the time the session ended, i was COMPLETELY relieved and overjoyed! i am Domina Shelles loyal and Obedient Love slave Forever!!!
Sunday, 15 January 2023
i don't want to go back of being empty and lonely. My purpose is to submit and serve my Domina. i would be so lost without my Domina's control.
Saturday, 14 January 2023
Never never ever will I leave my beloved Domina Shelle. I need Her! Obedience is pleasure.
Saturday, 14 January 2023
i can't escape my Domina's control. i don't want to. My life would be empty, hollow and so very lonely without Her domination and control over my life. Domina helps remind me of this FACT. i need Her more than life itself. She is my everything and without Her there would be nothing....
Friday, 13 January 2023
There are dominant hypnotists in this world and then there is the incomparable Domina Shelle. There is something distinctly magical about Domina that words can never capture but after listening to this session i am overwhelmed by a feeling of longing, a desire to devote more of myself to Her and a need to enshrine my submissive feelings whenever i listen to Her words. She has a power over me that i have never experienced before with any other hypno Domme and this is a testament to not only Her skill as a hypnotist but Her ability to instil an impassioned trust in everything She speaks. It is said that heaven is a place on earth, well in my mind it is when i fall into trance listening to the divine voice of Domina Shelle, my free will slipping away as i surrender all that i am to Her conditioning. Domina is Freedom is a statement of intent, a session where we the listener chooses to either embrace what She has to offer or live in fear of truly embracing Her unique (loving) style domination and control. Commitment is not always easy but Domina Shelle makes a very compelling case why i will always be Hers and i for one believe Her to the core of who i am. She is my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night, and the submissive me would never have this any other way. If you want feel closer to Domina then definitely listen to this session because it will engrave in your heart (and mind) why we love, honour, and obey Her above all others. She is simply amazing.
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