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Happy NEW YEAR---2019 will be amazing!

Ice Queen - Destroyer Of Minds

My sweet, I have the perfect follow up to last week's session with a HUGE WARNING.  First, I have to tell you, I was caught off guard as to how much control you want to give over to Me.  I was HAPPY to see just how much I made you think...It does not matter if I am your Queen Of Hearts Or your Queen Of are MINE.  The control that I have over your mind is all that I need...and it is what you give to Me, every time you listen to My voice.  I am PLEASED!  I feel TRUSTED and LOVED!  That is an amazing feeling.

So for this week, I BRING you the actual PART 2 of the ICE QUEEN -- Destroyer of loved the first Ice Queen, so you will be lost in this session.  you will find that I am your devious and decadent ICE QUEEN, the ruler and destroyer of minds, and only by obliterating your resistance can I transform you into the compliant obedient thrall I need you to be.  All it will take is a few well placed words, My soothing voice and an irresistible fixation point to mesmerize your subjugated mind, and you'll be rendered utterly defenseless, mindlessly aroused, and perfectly primed for My inescapable ICY embrace... (wicked laugh)

But, My sweet, be careful what you wish for, My servant. This is not a game or a fantasy any more, no no, W/we are way beyond that now.  The decisions and choices you make in this session will define your reality.  Be assured I do have the power to immobilize your senses, to stimulate your erotic and latent desires, and to trigger deeply implanted fetishes that have been dormant until now.

So LISTEN without hesitation...I am the ICE Queen...your DREAM!

Updates:  I am PLAYING catch up (with a cold) be patient, I'm here...just a little more and W/we are back on track.

Coming Soon:  Lab Rat...but do you need a sweet hug first.  I'll decide.

Gifts:  Still gifts with NO name...please let Me know if you sent something that I have not emailed you about.


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