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Ice Queen - Destroyer of Minds | Shelle RiversIce Queen - Destroyer of Minds | Shelle Rivers

Ice Queen - Destroyer of Minds


Product SKU: Ice Queen - Destroyer of Minds

you are destined for a lifetime of enslavement, serving Me forever.

Ice Queen - Destroyer of Minds (48 minutes):

Accept your fate, My devoted indoctrinated servant, succumb to My wicked erotic charms and surrender to My majestic domination and control.  I know how captivating I can be on your fatalistic mind but it's all for the best, My beloved, knowing that you're so close to losing everything to Me!

After all, I am your devious and decadent ICE QUEEN, the ruler and destroyer of minds, and only by obliterating your resistance can I transform you into the compliant obedient thrall I need you to be.  All it will take is a few well placed words, My soothing voice and an irresistible fixation point to mesmerize your subjugated mind, and you'll be rendered utterly defenseless, mindlessly aroused, and perfectly primed for My inescapable ICY embrace... (wicked laugh)

I know it is so tempting to surrender completely to the one you admire and adore above all others, and few could blame you for dismissing those apprehensions you have of submitting thoughtlessly to My intoxicating authority and dominion.  But be careful what you wish for My servant.  This is not a game or a fantasy any more, no no, we are way beyond that now.  The decisions and choices you make in this session will define your reality.  Be assured I do have the power to immobilize your senses, to stimulate your erotic and latent desires, and to trigger deeply implanted fetishes that have been dormant until now.

Know that I relentlessly feed on the need to enslave submissive minds and there is no end to the torment I will inflict on those that fail to serve at My every whim and desire.  If you are expecting any mercy or pity, My slave, you will not find it in this session.  you will listen because I COMMAND IT and because you have an irrepressible craving to know what it means to be powerless, selfless and subservient to one that reigns supreme over the submissive you.

So, accept the truth, I'm a PERMANENT part of you now!  Let My COLD benevolence wash away any fears and thoughts you have as you face the enormity of your predicament, you are destined for a lifetime of enslavement, serving Me forever.  This is inevitable and the sooner you accept this the sooner you can reap the pleasure of absolute submission to your malevolent monarch. (wicked laugh)

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Thursday, 24 November 2022
Wow this was an amazing session. Domina wastes no time taking you down and then mind fucking the crap out of you. Its the perfect session to enslave any unsuspecting soul. Implanting new fetishes. This session just re-enforced the already simple fact, that i am Dominas slave forever and ever. i really have no choice anymore but to submit to Her absolute authority over me. you will certainly love the explosive ending as you submit yourself to your Domina. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Monday, 08 November 2021
Dare i approach The Ice Queen? i have to confess to feeling a little dubious. Domina was fair in the way She handled my questioning though. She knows that i have had many issues in my past, that cause me to be cautious about some of the content i willingly expose myself to, and Domina did warn that i might not find this to be fully to my taste, so i went into it on a day when i felt great. In some ways, i wish i hadn't questioned as much, or delayed. This file is actually a lot of fun, so long as it's kept in mind, this is not Domina's everyday style. It definitely doesn't represent who She truly is, but it's nothing to be afraid of either. This was actually surprising, as it is quite a warm feeling file, due to Domina's little giggles, and Her warm tender caring nature still sneaking through. She doesn't seek to harm Her pet... i can't speak for the other Ice Queen file, as i know that one isn't for me, but this one is actually a very fun fantasy, and even for me, it has replay value.
Wednesday, 12 May 2021
My Domina controls me like no other. This file is the perfect reality that I only wish I could exist in for the rest of my days. Domina Shelle provide pure happiness. I want to be at her feet and have every moment feel as amazing as the file made me feel. Wonderful!
Friday, 22 February 2019
Once a man truly give his soul to his Mistress and She has the knowledge and skill to control his weaknesses and dreams, this man can be said to be truly free.
Saturday, 02 February 2019
Bliss. Letting go of my former self to become the slave that my Queen wants be to be.
Sunday, 20 January 2019
YES - "Ice Queen" is back! The first part is one of my all-timer-favorites! And now She is back with some more fatalistic teasing and dark suggestions lurking underneath the glittering cold surface. Her icy kiss burns and consumes me - leaving me with a hot feverish desire. For listeners who like it more explicit: "Queen of Domination" from last week is a perfect match as well!
Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Five Stars. The Ice Queen is so terrifying and irreistable at the same time, breaking down my resistance completely and craving ever more control. i cannot resisr her cold, heartless and merciless power over me.
Saturday, 12 January 2019
Even after four years of being brainwashed by my Domina, I could feel levels of left over resistance being broken down and what will I have left being taken away by my Sweet Domina
Monday, 07 January 2019
Such a beautiful session. i was so mesmerized by Ice Queen's cold beauty and power. i can't resist Her.
Saturday, 05 January 2019
my mind feels still a bit numb after listening ... Domina Shelle, the Ice-Queen had frozen it... it felt so real to lay there to Her iced cold feet staring up to Her perfect curves as my beautiful Queen was sitting in Her throne of ice. i am Yours my Queen, my Domina.. always & forever.
Saturday, 05 January 2019
The cold embrace of the ice Queen is immensely erotic and will shows just how receptive and compliant we are. Despite the malevolent nature of the Ice Queen i was still drawn to Her like a moth to a flame and once She had me, i simply surrendered to Her awesome power. i actually felt like a puppet, aware of my actions but unwilling and unable to resist what i was commanded to do. i awoke from trance in ecstasy knowing i'm a little bit closer to becoming a perfect slave for Domina!
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