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Happy NEW YEAR, slave



W/we’ll make New Memories in 2022, O/our best year, yet. O/our Dom-slave relationship keeps growing more beneficial and meaningful in all ways. W/we are central to each other and you have Me fully integrated in your day to day life.

I have so many plans for you. There are so many ways for Me to enter into your open and suggestible mind. I’ll explore every possible angle; I know that you love the surprises that only I can bring to you.

W/we have so many places to go on this beautiful journey. I’ll be introducing something NEW for everyone. Maybe W/we will get a little more active together too. You know, get up and get moving. Speaking of getting moving, have you made any resolutions? I’d love it if you shared yours with your Domina. I have a few of My own...Be sure to write yours down and even keep a note in your pocket to help you stay motivated for success with whatever your resolution might be.

I’ll tell you a couple of Mine. First of all, I plan to do a lot more kickboxing. I got a bit lazy this year and missed out on this time for Me. Of course, I will continue running. I have been thinking of planning to run a marathon, but I have not decided yet. I will take more time in the mornings for meditation and a few yoga stretches. I also plan more SPECIAL time with you. This is something that I am planning carefully. This is important and I think you need a little personal training. I’ll share more as I have a more specific plan together. Oh and one more thing for certain, I’ll eat more OYSTERS and lots of CHOCOLATE. Giggles***

Mental Lobotomy

Now about this week’s session...Dr Shelle is going to lobotomize you again! Awww, look at you, just sitting there, mindlessly grinning about the whole idea...I guess given that grin, the first one was effective enough in its own way, but this time, I'm going to do far more to your mind.

What, you don't remember the first time? *giggles* Well, I suppose you wouldn't, given how effective it was. And, I want to thank you for agreeing to be one of My test subjects helping Me perfect a new experimental psycho-surgery, a non-invasive method that allows Me to permanently alter specific brain functions. In short, it is a type of Mental Lobotomy, a means to subdue certain behaviors and characteristics leaving the recipient more docile and compliant, more focused and receptive to aural conditioning.

I know, to some, this may sound scary and the ramblings of a mad scientist or a stereotypical megalomaniac, but you know Me to be a kind, loving, and magnanimous Domina, someone who has your best interests at heart. Don't miss out on MY new Masterpiece.


Next week: This will be a total surprise. No info available.

I have a SPECIAL surprise or two coming before Valentine's Day. Yes, right around the corner. Let’s just say it will involve a single red ROSE. Don’t try to figure it out, that will never happen. Watch for more information.

I want to THANK you again for the amazing Christmas that W/we were able to provide for a very needy family. This was truly my happiest moment! It feels good to give.

Plus, I am PLEASED with all the ways you have spoiled Me this year. you are wonderful to your Domina. I have a few gifts that I have no idea who sent them. If I have not sent a thank you for your gift, please contact Me. I hate it when Amazon misses adding a name.

This week’s session is DISCOUNTED until Monday for the holiday special. I always look out for you... Also located in Special Deals.

Please be safe out there, Covid is really spreading. We are on OVERLOAD at the hospital.

Have an amazing week.

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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