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Mental Lobotomy | Shelle RiversMental Lobotomy | Shelle Rivers

Mental Lobotomy


Product SKU: Mental Lobotomy

This session (surgery) is going to leave you desperate for more of My domination and control.

Mental Lobotomy (43 minutes):

Relax, My sweet, I'm Dr. Shelle, and I'm here to brief you ahead of your scheduled surgery.  I want to personally thank you for agreeing to be one of My test subjects helping Me perfect a new experimental psycho-surgery, a non-invasive method that allows Me to permanently alter specific brain functions.  In short, it is a type of Mental Lobotomy, a means to subdue certain behaviors and characteristics leaving the recipient more docile and compliant, more focused and receptive to aural conditioning, all the qualities I need to transform willing submissives into devoted slaves.

I know, to some, this may sound scary and the ramblings of a mad scientist or a stereotypical megalomaniac, but you know Me to be a kind, loving, and magnanimous Domina, someone who has your best interests at heart.  And the TRUTH is, My pet, you want to be MINE, you want to be a more loyal and dedicated version of yourself for Me, to be at My beck and call, to feel the real pleasure of obedience knowing you live to serve someone you Love, Honor, and Obey.

This surgery will be one more step to fulfilling that goal, to allow you to be more focused on Me, to trust Me without thought or question, to serve Me passionately, flooding your body with Dopamine, perpetually triggering a state of blissful euphoria.  W/we both know you want this, that's why you volunteered for this surgery, and I promise you this session (surgery) is going to leave you desperate for more of My domination and control...

Yes, this is going to be a real MIND FUCK, My sweet, something you will want to experience again and again in your mind, demonstrating, to yourself, just how weak you are in My presence, how susceptible you are to My words, and how committed you are to make Me happy.  I am going to be the center of your existence from this point on, so stare longingly into My dark brown eyes one more time and be assured you are in safe, capable hands as I start the procedure to induce a deep comatose SLEEP.

Relax and sleep well, My pet, I look forward to seeing a revitalised, more devoted version of you during our post operative conditioning session.  Until then, KISSES!

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Saturday, 11 February 2023
Shelle's devotion to rendering us completely open to Her is once again on display here. So blissfully pleasant to enjoy her fingertips in my mind, the feeling of popping neurons so real. So desperately thirsting for any chance to obey, to demonstrate for Her, that i am open to anything She chooses for me.
Sunday, 30 January 2022
i just love my trips to Dr Shelle's clinic. Being Her lab rat and helping with Her experiments is always so amazing and arousing. i can't wait for my next appointment!!
Saturday, 08 January 2022
This is a wonderful session that everyone should listen to. This is a wonderful session that all devotees of Domina should listen to. This is a wonderful session that all of Domina's contracted slaves should listen to.
Tuesday, 04 January 2022
It is always a pleasure to assist Dr. Shelle with Her experiments because with every session/surgery i feel one step closer to My Owner. What now seems an eternity ago, Domina has transformed me from a closet submissive, struggling with my identity, to a fiercely devoted slave focused on Her success and happiness. Being a lab rat for Dr. Shelle is not only an honor and a privilege, it is another step of handing over my free will to Domina so that my dreams and aspirations are aligned with Hers. This is truly an amazing session with particular emphasis on the induction and deepener. Do not be surprised if you wake from trance not recalling much after the first few listeners, Her soothing words just strip away Your defences and all that is left is the bliss of submission and a fervent desire to absorb all Her suggestions. Like all masterpieces from Domina you will want to listen to this session again and again, to succumb a little more, and ride the edge of what is feels like to be truly powerless in the presence of another. This session is a keeper and all it will cost you is a little bit more of your freedom and self-will, a bargain in my humble opinion.
Monday, 03 January 2022
Such an h
Monday, 03 January 2022
This was so good. Don't remember much but the sleep felt so deep and was so arousing. Can't get enough of Domina's domination and control.
Monday, 03 January 2022
The procedure felt successful as i feel blanker and more obsessed with Domina Shelle than ever before! i just want to know everything about her and please her every need want and desire!!! i don’t remember much except for some popping noises as the procedure took place… I woke up feeling AMAZING! Thank You Doctor Shelle!!!
Sunday, 02 January 2022
Oh wow, i LOVE Domina Shelle. She floats me mindlessly down deep with effortless ease and oh the beautiful surgical mind numbing gas, oh how this feels so real! Another blockbuster of Femdom Power and Mind Control. This Precious Woman is in a league of Her own.....
Sunday, 02 January 2022
What a mindfuck from Dr. Shelle. Everything She says feels so completely correct and inevitable. It's like she is just agreeing with what i already know. And Domina knows exactly what i want and need, and just how powerful and pleasurable Her control is. Thank you again Dr. Shelle. You are truly peerless in your field.
Sunday, 02 January 2022
i just love being Dr Shelles lab rat or is it patient. Either way. i just love when Doctor Shelle is in and She experiments on me. i also love how She can make 43 minutes seem like 10. Before i knew it i was waking up all relieved that the experiment went so well. your really going to enjoy this session with our beloved sexy Doctor Shelle. She is so good at twisting things around and then making You so fucking hard and aroused with Her sexy sticky words. i love Her for that, you will too. Now buy this session and get ready for a good mind fuck.
Saturday, 01 January 2022
Dr. Shelle always knows what's best for Her slave. i'm already listening again and love being a part of Her experiments and training. This session really does leave you desperate for more of Her domination and control - i can't wait for more.
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