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Playtime on My NAUGHTY Playground

My pet, it’s been a while since I brought you into Shelle’s Playground.  It’s about time, again, that you jump into action on My Schedule, when I want...Oh, so sexy and arousing to know you are SURRENDERING to your Domina with 2 NEW Playground Triggers this week, KM and PLB....I can’t give anything away except that My commands are your thoughts.  you love your Submission to My Domination.  Sexy surprises await you.  The NEXT two weeks will be BUSY on the playground.  Yes, I’m DEVOTING two weeks to strict sexy playtime.  It’s time W/we spend more time together.  PREPARE for some daring trigger play.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME ON Twitter and Facebook.  This is where MOST of the TRIGGERS will be released.

you trust Me to blindly show your obedience without thought, without question.  These Triggers will be excellent training for you, My puppy.  If you haven’t already come into My Playground to play with Me, I have in Special Deals My Playground Series with 13 of My "Playtime" Surrender triggers, that gives you all you need to know to get started and to play with your........Domina, of course. ~giggles~.  If you are interested in getting ALL My Playground Triggers at a special package price, or any portion thereof, just send Me an email with your request.

I’m curious.  And I want to take a survey.  Playgrounds C and S commands are My reward to you for being a good boy or sissy gurl and I know you can’t wait to hear those commands.  But what are your other very favorite Playground Triggers in any of the sections of My Playground?  Email Me with SURRENDER (add which one ) in the heading so I see what really turns you on.  Plus, if you have HARD LIMITS trigger suggestions, let Me know.  I’m busy writing new ones...I know you love to be useful.


Have you gone back to listen to your Therapist panty addiction?  This week I have your cure.  Something that will let you fully enjoy and understand what it means to be My panty slave.  I announced last week, that as ongoing therapy for any panty addiction, I recommend the following therapy.  A pair of My well worn P*ssy Scented Panties package with a picture of Me wearing them before I put them in the mail to you.  I have been wearing and saving them just for you.  Order a pair of panties and I will select the pair I think will be perfect for you --- If you go to My Wish List and buy a pack of panties, I will send an extra pair along with My Scented panties, to use with My future use, wash and reuse for those SURRENDER C moments. ~giggles~


There is still time to PRE-PAY tuition for the remaining 13 Re-Form School classes.  O/our next class will be NEXT WEEK...A lesson on Ownership.  This pre-pay tuition will also help with a large New Website bill due very soon as more progress is being made.  I can’t wait to be up and running with mobile friendly access.  I’ll keep you posted.


As mentioned, Class #3 will be next week and as a notice to you for the 15th of this month, I will be using Re-Form Class #3 as the file session for your Orgasm Release (or denial).

Check My special deals ~~~

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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