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Shelle’s Playground—PLBShelle’s Playground—PLB

Shelle’s Playground—PLB


Product SKU: Shelle’s Playground—PLB

PLB PLB PLB Trigger ...

I bet you're wondering what PLB means? ~~Giggles~~

you already know how good it feels to be My puppy, so listen and obey.

I love it when you surrender to Me...Completely BLIND as to what I may ask of you.  That’s real TRUST.  So here is yet another SURPRISE on My Playground.
Take a few minutes to listen as I program yet another TRIGGER into your mind.  Then prepare to OBEY My COMMANDS whenever I want, whenever I decide.
This is so much SEXY fun for Me.  you will love the lessons in OBEDIENCE.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Do not mess up my Review please...

As always with Surrender Triggers, i can´t say much since i do not want to take the surprise away, all i can say is this one i did not saw coming and as silly as it might be to act this out without her being there, i can´t deny that i love the idea of her smiling at me following this order :P
Saturday, 15 September 2018
Another fun 'puppy' trigger that demonstrates the awesome power Domina has over our desire to submit to Her. Every time i listen to this i am reminded of my desire to be at Her feet and to blissfully follow Her commands. There is no degradation just a warm happy feeling that you are pleasing your Owner.
Tuesday, 11 September 2018
sunny the cairn says woof woof woof I listen and I obey Please give doggy permission. Woof.
Tuesday, 11 September 2018
and another trigger that is a must for every slave of Domina Shelle!
Monday, 10 September 2018
Hehehe, this i did kinda figure out. i do like these kind of activities.
Sunday, 09 September 2018
This is a great addition to the trigger implant in us.
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