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Pleasurable Healthy Sleep

My pet, you have come such a long way over these last few weeks........with so much more to come. So, rest and reinvigorate for the energy needed for your intensified enslavement and My increasing expectations. This week, I want to make sure you are UP for all the excitement to cum.......This week’s Profound SLEEP will help bring you one of life’s needed pleasures, peaceful, restful sleep. When you go deep for Me in trance this is what you experience. When you go to sleep for Me, it’s always arousing. Now, something for every the first and last thought of everyday, I put a smile on your face and a bulge under your sheet.

I want your mind and body healthy for ME. Less stress in your life. Put your thoughts and worries away. Studies show adequate sleep makes us feel better. We feel more alert, more energetic, happier, and better able to function following a good night of sleep. A lack of sleep is also associated with increased chances of serious illnesses. Sleep helps us solidify and consolidate memories, much like I do with your Brain Chip. Facts and experiences first need to be processed and stored and many of these steps happen while you sleep.

I want you happy and healthy for Me. See how intertwined W/we are.
But also clear and rested for your family, work and other responsibilities.

YES I am allowing you to GIFT one person the session.  This can be anyone, significant other, family, friend or co-worker.


I am working on some things for your visual pleasure to go with the images of Me in your mind when you trance. More on IMAGES AND WORSHIP next week.

I have mailed out a little reward Assignment for My Farm slave worker who is so helpful and useful to your Domina. If you signed up for the Assignment and didn’t get My email, let Me know.

SFS contracted, many thanks for your file suggestions and recommendations for Beginning Path.


Next week I will prepare you for new levels of servitude and enslavement with an adjustment to your suggestibility receptors and thought retention....Possible Implants….I have big plans, My puppy....

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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