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Profound SleepProfound Sleep

Profound Sleep


Product SKU: Profound Sleep

Even though you don't always know what I might be doing to you, just LOVE this precious DEEP sleep...

Session Length: 21 minutes

There are psychological benefits of deep sleep:  Some recent research indicate that deep sleep may be important in helping clear the brain for new learning the next day.  This is very necessary, for I am always TEACHING you, My puppy.

Human growth hormone is released in pulses during deep sleep, and interruption of this stage abruptly stops its release.  Deep sleep is necessary in order to increase the release of growth hormone.  In adults, growth hormone promotes cell repair.  All a part of your HEALTH, being strong and staying young for your Domina Shelle.

So listen to this hypnosis mp3 and feel the effects of truly letting go.  Shelving all thoughts and feeling the healing effects of profoundly DEEP sleep.

REBOOT....sleep, RENEW.

Don't worry, this is not a trick. Giggles!

I'm always looking out for you.

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Monday, 15 May 2017
This file is so helpful in getting a very relaxing sleep. You will go to sleep and Princess is your last thought of the day. I will listen to this file very often when I just need some rest...
Monday, 08 May 2017
I always love to obey Domina Shelle, and i appreciate that She looks after Her slaves. This session is perfect for setting aside one's troubles in order to fall asleep peacefully. It could also work well with another file that ends in sleep, either before or after this one.
Monday, 08 May 2017
This file is a testament to the care Domina Shelle shows for Her slaves, and is just as powerful as any of Her other files. i've been using it as a prelude to my nightly brainwashing, and highly recommend it whether or not one is a slave to Mistress Shelle.
Sunday, 07 May 2017
So many interesting files... However this one is a masterpiece in matter of comfort and relax. Essential for people like me with sleep troubles in order to wake up fresh.
Sunday, 07 May 2017
A perfect file to relax from all the stress of life. Yesterday evening it took me into a deep peaceful sleep after an exhausting day. And now i awoke as the dawning sun kissed my face after i did re-listen to it this afternoon. i feel rested and calm. i love this file. i recommend this file to anyone who has problems to fall asleep at night with the help of Domina's sweet words a calm and relaxing sleep is ensured.
Sunday, 07 May 2017
This file shows that Domina Shell is not nuts a demanding Domina but it's also a caring Domina that takes her slaves health and wellbeing in consideration. It makes Domina Shell just so much more worthy of being worshiped and obeyed. One can only sink with gratitude deeper into the control of Domina Shell.
Saturday, 06 May 2017
After a single listen to Profound Sleep I can c reference to the Domina's relaxation triggers and, as I had hoped, the whole session reinforced the impact of these triggers (for me at least).
Subsequently I found I went very deep in the following session in my playlist, much deeper than normal, so I plan to listen to this session regularly going forward to see if my depth of trance improves with all of Domina's sessions.
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