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Domina Shopping

My baby, this week I am giving you the experience of fulfilling an exciting fantasy that I’ve had since My calling as a Domina, your Domina. And so lucky for you, My pet, it’s a fantasy you never thought you would be able to live. I’m taking you on a Domina Shopping trip. Can you guess what you are going to help Me pick out and buy? I know how much you LOVED Domina 24 hours, and this session will be a favorite. So INTIMATE, SO SEXY, SO CLOSE.

So many sexy shoes for you to kneel and slip My foot in and out of. Oh, and stockings, with or without the seam? And what color would you choose for the garter belt to hold them up over My sensual naked thighs? Did you know they made so many bras? And panties, lingerie? That dress isn’t too short on Me. Oh, and some jewelry for My accessories. So many things I MUST HAVE. And guess what happens when W/we get to the checkout counter? I won’t spoil it because it’s the best, most exciting part. And you’ll have to carry all those packages for Me, My helpful pet.

Now imagine that you were My actual obedient live-in slave... Arousing isn’t it? Doing all My chores, cleaning the house, doing the grocery shopping, walking and feeding My other pet, JJ. I bet helping your Domina pick out everything I wear and seeing how sexy it looks on Me would be your favorite thing you want to do for Me... besides giving Me deep body massages and kissing My feet. ~giggles~

Domina Shopping - Sissy

Sissy Edition:

And it was so much fun with just the gurls, too, with O/our special extra sexy session Domina Shopping Sissy.


Want to see your Domina Modeling everything you helped Me buy on O/our shopping trip? Dress Domina Shelle and I’ll send you an exclusive very Hot photo set for your private use, to adore Me, in a very private place with permission to enjoy this pleasure anytime you need a pick-me-UP! The reward for making Me look so sexy!


Lady H sends her love. Oh and My trip to the beach is PLANNED and paid for. Thank you VERY much.

NEXT WEEK How about a long slow deep hypnotic trance making you so docile and receptive while I explain all the ways to Love, Honor and Obey your Domina?

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She will mentally and emotionally destroy your will, then She will devour your mind and heart...

Sissy Curious Series --
Sissy Curious Series -- All sessions 1-4

Domina --
you will know beyond certainty that I am a true Domina...I am your Domina.

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