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Domina Shopping - Sissy | Shelle RiversDomina Shopping - Sissy | Shelle Rivers

Domina Shopping - Sissy


Product SKU: Domina Shopping - Sissy

Put on your sexiest panties and follow Me into the depths of your mind...

Domina Shopping - Sissy (37 minutes):

My sissy gurl, I am about to seduce your open and suggestible mind.  I know you so well now, I am inside your mind.  I know that you dream of being with Me, serving Me, obeying My every command.  This is what you want and what I want, we want the same things.

This extremely EROTIC/HYPNOTIC session will open your mind up to what it would be like to be with Me LIVE, just you and Me as I take you on a very sexy shopping trip.  This incredibly INTIMATE and NAUGHTY fantasy will leave you warm and wet.  So, put on your sexiest panties and follow Me into the depths of your mind.  I am about to make one of your hottest dreams come true.

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Thursday, 23 September 2021
Going shopping with Domina Shelle, helping Her to choose lingerie and try on sexy shoes... it's a dream coming true for every sissy gurl.
Monday, 23 August 2021
I always feel like my best sissy-self with Domina and I just LOVED my JUST girls shopping trip! Giggles! This is a VERY sexy session shopping with and serving the most sexy and powerful hypnotist in the world, Domina Shelle! This version felt very special and had a lot of sexy lil secrets just for the girls! Mmmm…
Sunday, 22 August 2021
Domina did take me so deep into trance and into an incredible shopping adventure with Her. i just loved to accompany Her as my girly self in this trance. It feels as if i have truly been there with Her. Thank You my beloved Owner for these amazing memories with You that You have placed inside of my mind.
Saturday, 21 August 2021
A deep and dreamy trance, with so many blissful mental images, of helping Domina on a shopping trip; just following along, to wherever in your mind, or the store, that She might want to go... So many sexy scenes are conjured by Her softly spoken, and gently whispered words within this, that you might end up going shopping for yourself, with repeated plays, because you'll soon need a much larger supply of panties that you can keep washing, if you hope to wear any that are clean and dry. Each play so far has necessitated a panty change, it is that beautiful and arousing. Going into the shoe department, the lingerie section, and generally wandering the store, looking at all of the pretty things, then seeing them adorning Domina's beautiful, sexy body.... Needless to say, there's more than a little arousal involved. Whilst there are subtle findom hints, they aren't of the serious 'give me things right now' type stance, they are merely a playful part of the scenario, and knowing Domina, i doubt they will ever be used, unless somebody really begs to be used that way; they fit within the scene of being there in the shop with Her, and going to the checkout, and as such, they merely add a little spice to the dream; they take it from nipple stroking, to nipple pinching tingly goodness... If you are female, if you identify as female, or if you are a wanderer of the gender spectrum in any way, you will want this. A beautiful feminine journey, with Domina leading the way... Who wouldn't want that? ♥
Saturday, 21 August 2021
This is a session I've waited a long time for. As someone who has transitioned from a Male to a Female in the time I have known Domina, I now identify fully as female and not as a sissified male. This file is an excellent girls' trip, and while it has a bit more findom than I was hoping, I also can't stop this fantasy of reading through a fashion magazine with Domina and her talking about all her *Must Haves*. I'm just so aroused and horny.
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