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Sheriff Shelle takes prisoners

I want to introduce you to Sheriff Rivers, THE ENFORCER.  your first run-in with The Enforcer-Unethical Sheriff has a different approach to induction.  Her sweet hypnotic voice and intimidating presence will leave you feeling powerless.  Obedience is not an option.

She’s on the prowl, making arrests and taking prisoners.  you may be hesitant at first, but you will soon find yourself lost in Her wicked mind games again.  you have no rights under Her law.  Sheriff Shelle is keeping a secret about Herself for now.  She will teach you the value of being a good citizen.  you will embrace your place, aroused as Her powerless victim.  This is the first in the series of The Enforcer.  No need for mind calibrations, not in this unusual journey.  This is very much a hands-on experience, My hands on your...Giggles!!!

She will have you handcuffed and stripped naked, to toughen your mental, physical and psychological capacity.  Officer Shelle is in charge and takes liberties with Her prisoner to satisfy Her pleasure.  See, My victim, you can trust Me.  you’ll willingly submit to anything to give Her what She wants...She will make sure of that.

C*M Deposit.


Helplessly Obedient - Sissy

In case you missed it, My sissy gurls, your Helplessly Obedient--Sissy is now available. If you already purchased the original version, contact Me and I can give you a credit for this version.

Contracted look for a new slave story on SFS. NEW CONTRACTED GIFT coming!


As time is running down, I want to make mention of Challenge To PLEASE from time to time.  Even a small contribution will be a big help to reach My goal towards My future security.  Or are there many 68 year old self employed Femdom Mistresses? ~giggles~


School is in session for O/our last Class #15 of this series.  Sit down in the first row to get a good look at Professor Shelle’s sexy legs as I predict your future.
There will also be a writing Class assignment posted on the Blog so everyone can participate.

I am putting together another Sissy Playground Trigger to set My good gurls off. ~giggles~

My special deals this week:

Are you brave enough to listen and overcome your fear?

Submit--Stripped Naked --
Playful Sexy Erotic Fun...

Collared Part 1 --
A simple but intense brainwash file, softening your mind and preparing you for your slave collar...

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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