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Helplessly Obedient - Sissy | Shelle RiversHelplessly Obedient - Sissy | Shelle Rivers

Helplessly Obedient - Sissy


Product SKU: Helplessly Obedient - Sissy

Put on your favorite sexy panties...

Helplessly Obedient - Sissy (27 minutes)

My faithful lil sissy, do you truly understand how powerless you would be in My physical presence, exposed, vulnerable and completely susceptible to all My hypnotic and seductive charms?

Well, in this TRAINING session, you are going to learn the full extent of your conditioning and why the REAL you identifies as My obedient submissive sissy.  Dominance can be manifested in many forms but in the case of your Domina Shelle it is a combination of My innate ability to enrapture any submissive subject and subjugate her will, leaving her compliant, suggestible, and willing to do anything I command.

Once pacified and focused on Me there is only one outcome... submission, obedience and ultimate pleasure.  Being Helpless to Obey is not a fantasy for you, it is your everyday reality.  The power I exert over you is both tangible and reflexive, from being so HORNY at the mere thought of Me to a relentless compulsion to submit ever more to My absolute authority over you.

Yes, My willing servant, you are on the path to a deeper mental enslavement.  The more you accept your helplessness to My divine will, the more you can embrace your need to selflessly surrender to My power and authority.  So lay back, get naked, and prepare to relinquish all control to Me as I take you another step closer to your future as My devoted sissy servant.  Put on your favorite sexy panties and let's play with that swollen clitty.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2020
I don't want to give away too much of what's happening in this file, because not knowing what will come is part of the fun. Only so much: this session is mindblowing! It let me experience a new level of pleasure and left me in a state of bliss that lasted the rest of the evening!
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