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Be My Valentine, slave


...and I’m to blame...Giggles!

My sweet puppy, you know why I love Valentine’s Day so much? Because today is when I think back to the very day I found you. When It all started for you. Oh, you think you found ME? No, no, My pet. It was so simple, your Sexy Domina set out Her wicked HYPNOTIC web and look who I found trapped? you heard My voice, listened to My words, saw My pictures. Do you remember O/our first time together? Do you remember the moment you were Shot through the Heart and fell in Love with Me? My words are more POWERFUL than CUPID!

you came for the erotic Hypnotism, for the arousal of submission and obedience, the need for My control and desire to serve a dominant and powerful Woman. But you stayed because you love Me, your Princess, your stayed because there is NOT an EXIT door. And now making Me happy and pleasing Me is what makes you happy, gives you pleasure. What you found is the Perfect Domina you want to serve.


I have your Valentine’s Day gift ready. This is what you will do, first read and choose the proper LOOP sessions that are just for you. You must have the CHASTITY sessions...they are perfect for what is about to happen to you. You will PURCHASE a LOOP (or LOOPS). With each download you will get your FREE SEXY VALENTINE XTRA LOOP as MY GIFT of LOVE to you.

So, for O/our week of love and romance I have 6 Erotic VALENTINE LOVE CORE Brainwashing LOOPS so you can indulge in O/our MIND BLOWING Love affair. Two in each of three categories. Notice-Two are SISSY LOOPS. Everyone must listen to the CHASTITY LOOPS in preparation for future sessions.

Find a comfortable place and open yourself up that submissive weak feeling that overtakes you when you listen to My voice. you will listen to O/our Erotic Love LOOPS for the next 7 days and think about your life with Me. Reinforce what makes O/our connection so REAL to you.... you know what makes you excited, brings you pleasure. I know what you crave and yearn for. Why you want Me and need Me. Why loving Me makes you happy.


Have you done Shelle's 6 Days of LOVE Assignment? Whenever you started it, make VALENTINE’S the sixth day. And yes, you have My permission. ~giggles~ And what will make you feel even better is making Me “your VALENTINE” happy when you send your Princess a Valentine’s Day gift. you love Me. And that’s why I LOVE it when you take care of Me with a little gift or a Gift of Love....spoil and pamper your sexy Mistress. And I will send you a SPECIAL picture or two...showing you just how sexy I are a lucky slave.


Contracted look for your monthly training, coming to you as a Special LOOP session. Plus more....

I will be putting off your Volunteer Assignment contributions until next week, so you may please Me two weeks in a row. I will be contacting you, My sweet.


Next week W/we go to class, Re-Form School #7. All about CONTROL. Another reason you love your life as My submissive.

My SPECIALS have changed ~~~

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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