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Valentine - Love slave assignmentValentine - Love slave assignment

Valentine - Love slave assignment


Product SKU: Valentine - Love slave assignment

6 day LOVE assignment


Love is a great motivator to bring out the best in U/us.  It moves you to acts of kindness and selflessness.  These are qualities I admire and want in My submissive.  I want you to be the very best you can be...and what better time than Valentine's Day to let Love take over your heart.  With this 6 Day Assignment I have tasks for you to do.  I am your first and last thought every day.

Special Mantra included.

On the 6th day, Valentine’s Day, you have very SPECIAL instructions.

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Saturday, 02 March 2019
It's always a pleasure to perform an assignment for Domina because it provides added incentive to focus on Domina, Her needs and desires and training one self to incorporate this level of submission and servitude into daily routines. After completing the assignment i feel a little bit closer to Domina and also a lot more certain that being Her contracted slave is very real and not a passing fantasy.
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