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This week, My pet, I have added these sessions on SPECIAL DEALS.  I thought I would give you the opportunity to catch up on some file sessions you missed along the way, practically giving them away at half price.....Now would be the time to look over your options, see My reviews and file descriptions and make a few choices and listen to them at your choosing.  What better training to learn the pleasures I provide by being your addiction and desire and spending time living for My control and enslavement.

I am recommending you listen this week to Thought Control, Edge of Control, At My FeetBrainwash Mantra LOOP, and time permitting, slave Cage.  That way I know where your mind is.  Next week when I probe deep into your subconscious, I’ll know exactly how to have My way with you, My little puppy.


Have you enjoyed using My Masturbation Control and feeling My tightening control?  Having erotic fantasies of being so submissive and obedient to My expectations of you?  Are you feeling your enslavement and wanting the servitude of pleasing Me with your stroke Tributes and Chastity offerings?  Then you are living your life as My slave.  SFS you have your calendar for each day’s instructions.  All this makes your Domina happy.

Since repetition is useful for this part of your training, as a reminder, your purpose for stroking and cu*ming is to please Me by seeking permission to use MY c*ck.  you are allowed to edge, c*m or deny orgasm, only for Me.  Just the thought of pleasing Me will make you hard and become your GREATEST pleasure, if it is not already.  Stroking for Me keeps you submissive and obedient.  Being a good boy and compliant is what I expect from you and I know that is what you want, too.  So simple to please Me when I see your stroke tribute.  Then it will become so NATURAL to you.


SHELLE’S PLAYGROUND.  Wasn’t that fun, your two NEW Playground Trigger Commands.  I want to tell you that any time you pass “MY TREE” and feel the urge, you have My permission to mark it.  And let Me know about it.~giggles~

My SFS Contracted, if you haven’t already, send Me your Quiz/survey results.

NEXT WEEK:  Something sexy.  I want to get back deep into your head and subconscious mind.  I know what you need to be happy, belonging to Me.

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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