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Thought Control | Shelle RiversThought Control | Shelle Rivers

Thought Control


Product SKU: Thought Control

Very POWERFUL mind modification for your life of erotic enslavement...

Length: 63 minutes
Category: Enslavement-Brainwashing-Mind Control

This session is NOT for beginners!

My pet, I know of your yearnings, your cravings and needs.  I know your submissive desires and addiction to My seductress powers.  I know you crave My body, voice and control.

Let Me take you on one of the most hypnotic enslaving experiences of your life.  Accept your place...naked, collared as My sensual voice brings you to your knees.  Feel stronger than ever before what it is to becum truly and COMPLETELY hypno enslaved as My sexy words seduce your mind for MORE THAN AN HOUR.  CAN YOU TAKE IT, MY SLAVE?

YOU crave a life of erotic enslavement.  A life in which your beautiful and sexy Domina grows your fetishes, thoughts and desires, TO the point that, by the time I have completed My work, you AND YOUR MIND will be CHANGED.  Living life in perpetual HORNY-ness, powerless and mindlessly enslaved to My every wish and whim.

Be warned, this file is extremely powerful and includes numerous subliminal messages throughout....once absorbed by your subconscious mind they will alter your conscious mind....and adjust your thoughts.  This session will change you permanently...the suggestions are irreversible.

This session is an integral part of your ongoing Behavior Modification.  A POWERFUL COMPULSION!

If you have not listened to Behavior Modification, do so, NOW!

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Friday, 20 March 2020
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love these long Sessions and Domina does not promise to much by saying that this is one of the MOST hypnotically enslaving experiences.  This Session is so extremely POWERFUL. I mean-- I was just thinking about the word control for my Domina and the next moment it is to late. I notice how HORNY I am and how her words seduce my mind and I become more and more powerless and mindlessly enslaved to her EVERY wish and anything she says. But it just feels so GOOD and alright. I ACCEPT my place and let her sensual voice and seductive whispers bring me to my knees as the subliminal messages work their magic and merge with my subconscious mind adjusting my remaining thoughts. She just knows what is BEST for me. I don't want to fight this feeling, nor do I want it to ever die down. I crave Domina's sexy body, her irresistible voice and her absolute control. I LOVE her and how she is changing me permanently and irreversibly. YES-- I want to be PERFECT for my Domina and I embrace that she is growing my fetishes, thoughts and desires. My mind will be or maybe-- IS changed already. Because all I want is for Domina to complete her work and my on going Behavior Modification.
Thursday, 02 March 2017
In the realms between sleep and awake time has no meaning and minutes can become hours and hours become seconds. With an alternating sequence of Her regular hypotic voice and some ASMR like whispering passages Domina keeps me right in that realm – on the very edge of sleep. And between dream and reality I wonder:”did I miss parts of the file or was the time just bended?” “Was there a whispered command in between the words – or were there some words between long passages of whisper?” I know She is programming me but the complete picture is missing and I know that my mind will work on the gaping holes in my dreams. A great lullaby of hypnotic dominance. It is a long recording and therefore best used to drift to sleep – much better than sheep counting!
Sunday, 11 September 2016
i went back and re-listened to this file, i couldn't remember much from my first experience with it. i went very deep. i love being controlled by Domina Shelle. i live for it.
Tuesday, 31 May 2016
If you are almost there but hesitant about taking that last step into complete submission, then this is the file for you. It was incredibly effective at taking away my last bit of resistance to Domina's power. During this file my mind submitted completely and permanently to Domina. There is no more struggling or worry. It feels so good now that Domino Shelle has total control of my mind. I am desperate to please Her, and I will please Her to the best of my ability for the rest of my days. This file contains the truth that Domina Shelle is the most powerful and beautiful Domina of all time.
Wednesday, 25 May 2016
Very wonderful and powerful file. I was a little resistent at first, but something just clicked and I couldn't stop listening! Super relaxing and enslaving, what more could a slave ask for?
Wednesday, 25 May 2016
If your mind hasn't been enslaved before, it surely is now. This is so powerful, must be one of the most powerful files Domina has made. i was in a deep deep sleep and dazed afterwards. Still feeling like being controlled. The thought most clear in my mind is that i need to please Domina Shelle.
Tuesday, 24 May 2016
While I'm not certain that this is Domina Shelle's most powerful session to date, that is not because I underestimate it's power. On the contrary, I know that this file is incredibly powerful, but it completely overwhelms me to the point that I can't dissect what the file does. In an email to Domina Shelle I used the word insidious to describe the file, and that does describe a little of how this session works. Domina's Voice will seep into your mind and coil around your very being. With each listen this file will become more and more powerful. Just thinking about it makes me want to listen again right now.
Monday, 23 May 2016
In a strange way it feels as if Domina Shelle is writing this review through me. After having listened to this file the yearning to be controlled and owned increased tenfold. The thought of being separated from Domina Shelle has become a demon lurking in the dark. There is no sacrifice to big to please Domina Shelle. The words of the slave mantra of Domina Shelle resonates so much more powerful within and no thought is isolated from the thought of being controlled by Domina Shelle, owner and Mistress. Begging to be owned and control comes so easy.
Monday, 23 May 2016
Domina is inside my mind making all the necessary adjustments to make me perfect to serve her, obey her and be enslaved by her. This file is so wonderful and powerful, nothing could possibly be better than this.
Sunday, 22 May 2016
This is the most powerful file I have listened to so far. It's quite long, but time always flies when my Domina has me in trance. The file left a wonderful submissive within me and the desire to listen again and again...
Saturday, 21 May 2016
Like others before me already wrote: this file is not for beginners and should only be listened if You are sure to live You life in complete submission under the most powerful Mistress, Domina Shelle!rnIt feels so good having my Dominas thoughts inside my weak mind. i am still a bit dazed and my mind feels numb though it is been a while since i awoke from Her newest file here. i hear Her whispering things to me, i feel Her thoughts controlling me stronger than before. Like this review feels more being written by Her control and not by me. i love to be controlled by my powerful Domina! Fulfilling Her every wish is what i exist for. With Her growing progress to alter my mind i can feel to become a better subject for Her. i long to be a perfect slave for Her that pleases Her anytime and obeys automatically without any thought as my weak mind will only follow the thoughts of my Domina inside me. Thank You my Domina for perfecting me, Thank You for letting me serve You and please You and thank You for making me feel so while pleasing and obeying Your wishes. i love You and i love to be Yours forever and always.
Saturday, 21 May 2016
IMPORTANT This is probably the powerfulest File Princess has released so far, there is no way to resist, what she will do will be irresistibel and what happens also will be irreversible, this File is serious and you ONLY should listen to it when you are 100% sure, otherwise you should wait with it until you are sure, as soon as you listen to this there is no going back...Anyway i for myself don´t need to think about something like this anymore, infact i got this File on Thursday as a Birthday present without any description, i listened blind to it, but Princess and i both know that´s fine, cause i am already hers, i trust her and i want to be whatever she wants me to be, so yeah there was simply no need for me to think or know what this File would be about, as i listened on Thursday, i falled very quickly, very deep, in seconds i was lost under her control and let her reprogram me however she pleased without any resistence, while i just enjoyed the pleasure of obeying her and this morning i listened to it again, it was 7 am as i started to listen and somehow i ended up to listen over and over again, i pretty much did nothing else then listening to this File for the Day, because as i finally stopped to listen to it, it was 6 pm, don´t ask me how this happened, i have absolutly no clue, but i guess that´s a great example of how powerful this File is, so again before you get this File, make sure you are ready for what will happen
Saturday, 21 May 2016
I can feel what's left of my mind and what's left of who I once was slipping away. dominas voice, Her will, Her mind replacing everything I was. I am now only a weaker mirror image of Her powerful mind. I love what's happening. I give Domina all. I surrender completely. I am Hers forever.
Friday, 20 May 2016
I woke up partway through in cold shakes. Terrified of the idea that the was even the smallest possibility my Domina might abandon me. I NEED to make my Domina happy above all else. I will do ANYTHING TO PLEASE HER. ANYTHING SHE COMMANDS.
Friday, 20 May 2016
For me this is the deepest trance i've ever had, and i believe that the strongest file is yet to come, my Domina's power is growing, She is getting stronger and Her files are getting more powerful week in week out! after listening i lost my mind into complete obsession for beginners i think you need to take my Domina's warning into consideration before listening, but for me i already surrendered my life to my Owner, i just enjoy the pleasure of my mind being f*cked over and over again, there's nothing on earth that can make me happier than Obeying my Domina and Pleasing Her Thank YOU my Owner, YOU are my Pleasure
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