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This week, let’s play a game of will with hypnosis. I’ll be trying really hard with My Sweet Manipulation to do what I do really well and you just see....well, let’s see what happens. I know I’ll be too irresistible. After all, whenever you hear My sexy voice and listen to My arousing words, whether you try to resist or not, you end up in the same place. Helpless, blank, turning over all control to your Domina. And whether you remember all the details or not, you are left refreshed, happy, rested and very aroused.

Seduction feels so good. It doesn’t matter what I say or if you remember. Just trust Me to know what’s best for you, Don’t you, My puppy? you are free at last, in My good hands needing My living there inside your mind. It doesn’t matter that you are doing things and not remembering why. Did you hear a snap of My fingers? Are you fantasizing about Me all the time, now? No need to ask yourself, Why am I stroking, now? you will remember I am your pleasure and pleasing Me is your greatest pleasure. Want to play with Me?

My sweet, if you enjoy a little mind CONFUSION, well you will love the Confusional Induction...Just be careful, you may find yourself falling a lot deeper than you planned…

Note: Confusion inductions are not recommended for those already deeply confused or troubled, such as suicidal, grieving, or paranoid individuals.


HoHoHo---time to get those letters out to Santa Shelle- What are you doing for Xmas? Do you have a little wish that Santa Shelle might help you with.

Christmas came early to North Carolina, at least it looks like a Christmas WONDERLAND. I have been snowed in for days. I am taking the week to write more sexy sessions for you.... And staying more connected. Preparing exciting things for the New Year. It’s been a very hard year for your Domina....working “twice” on the new Website, flooding and storm damages to the house with lots of inconvenient repair work, being sick for too many days......just working too hard.

I am expecting an AMAZING Christmas to make this another amazing year. And it’s all up to you, My pet, to make sure it happens for Me. I know you will make it happen because you never disappoint Me. Ask Me if you need suggestions.

In this spirit of giving, I have some Christmas gifts for you, next week. Let’s make this the most AMAZING Christmas W/we have shared together.


you have been notified about My permission and instructions for RELEASE on the 15th. If you have not been notified and you need to beg for your release, you may contact Me or it's so easy to receive My permission with a Stroke Tribute, My gift to you.

I am posting on SFS a new slave story which I found to be an excellent reaction and expression of SUBMISSION to Me from O/our last class assignment. There are many more to come. Plus, a Vacation story. Remember the stories are given to Me as gifts and written by actual slaves. There are TONS of stories in the pipeline.


Yes, Class was just postponed one week, but so timely, now. So, be ready with a front row seat for REFORM SCHOOL - CLASS #6 slave’s Responsibilities.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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