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Product update


SHELLE’S PLAYGROUND has two new trigger Commands:  Trigger PDH  and Trigger PMT.  Now you want your limits tested...This might just do it. I do promise that you will have a LOT of hot sexy fun with both of these triggers, expect excessive swelling on My playground. Isn't it AROUSING to obey whenever I want and desire. Stay tuned for More Commands. With the release of these new TRIGGER files, I will keep you busy on My playground, especially for the next two prepare for a lot of submissive foreplay.

Still in production is the session "Voice In Your Head"...This session is PERFECT for you...A sexy Mind f*cking Obsession. Well now, you’ll just have to wait and see what I have for My helpless puppy...The follow up to Breasts In Your Head...which you LOVED so much, but MORE POWERFUL.


Thank you My good boy, for your Valentine's Day gifts. See how easy it is to make Me happy. Again, W/we both get something out of it. you just Love making Me happy and I Love your spoiling Me. I had the best Valentine's Day ever, thanks to you!  

Did you enjoy My gift to you?

MASTURBATION CENTER (My control Tightens)

Construction is completed and everything is in place for you. There are some changes and new options regarding Orgasm or C*ck Control. This is a natural progression of your obedience training and O/our Mistress-slave relationship. your commitment makes you My slave, My submissive. This is all about feeling your desire to serve Me, to please and obey your Domina.

If your thoughts are My thoughts in your CONSCIOUS mind, I want you to DEMONSTRATE how committed you are to Me. you want Me to take control of your mind and create the fantasies that get you harder and feeling more aroused. your pleasure is greatest, when you Crave to please Me. you don’t really enjoy your orgasms unless they are offered to Me, under My c*ck control. When you seek My permission you are aroused by your submission and obedience to Me, your Mistress, Domina, Princess. The cutest thing is that you are already brainwashed and you know just what to do.

you are EXPECTED to send Stroke Tributes when you are stroking My c*ck to edge yourself and climax, whenever YOU choose to do so. Stroke Tributes may also be sent with My instructions in certain files sessions, Playground commands, assignments, tasks or personal Masturbation Instructions I send to you, directly, as part of My Orgasm/ Cock Control. Take a look at all options. Three new ones. $25 for contracted slave obligations. $35 and $45 to receive Masturbation (JOI) instructions. $20 Chastity Offering has changed.

In the past I have been lenient, but you have begged for MORE control. I always give you what you want...giggles! This is not to create a financial burden but I know that you will be begging at My feet to comply. your purpose for stroking and cumming is to please Me by seeking permission to stroke MY cock, edge and cum or deny orgasm, only for Me. Just the thought of pleasing Me will make you hard. Stroking for Me keeps you submissive and obedient. Be a goodboy and COMPLY.


My SFS Contracted, I have a New Assignment for you. It’s time to take My SFS Quiz and find out all about yourself. So go take a look for your Assignment.

Anyone seduced into a slave contract? ~giggles~  Ask Me about My Contract.


Dazed--Confused---Obsessed---CONTROL CHIP Programming---Untitled SURPRISE.


My special deals have changed:

Deja vu--The Indoctrination --
I am going to adjust your thought process, yes totally f*ck it up...

Queen Of Hearts --
Erotic surprises inside...

Punishment - At My Mercy --
Punishment or Pleasure.

Wicked Princess --
This file is a masterpiece--- POWERFUL ... EXCITING ... AROUSING ... DANGEROUS..... I sneak and Slide inside your mind ...luring you, taking you....

New Releases

connect with me

Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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