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Shelle’s Playground—PMTShelle’s Playground—PMT

Shelle’s Playground—PMT


Product SKU: Shelle’s Playground—PMT


I bet you're wondering what PMT means? ~~Giggles~~

If you LOVE being My puppy, this is a must.

I love it when you surrender to Me...Completely BLIND as to what I may ask of you.  That’s real TRUST.  So here is yet another SURPRISE on My Playground.
Take a few minutes to listen as I program yet another TRIGGER into your mind.  Then prepare to OBEY My COMMANDS whenever I want, whenever I decide.
This is so much SEXY fun for Me.  you will love the lessons in OBEDIENCE.

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Thursday, 02 March 2017
This Trigger...i don´t feel as if it´s pushing a limit atleast not for me, i mean let´s be honest we probably all did this at somepoint anyway lol

What makes this Trigger interesting is that you can´t easily do it like most of the other ones, for this one you need to make sometime to be able and obey, if you are lucky it may takes not more then a few minutes, if you are unlucky like me it can take an hour or even longer, it all depends on how far you have to go, but the fact of having to make time for this and doing so to obey just shows how much she is in control, to be honest i never thought i would do something like this on command, even less that i would walk for an hour to do so, but well i can do this with a smile on my Face, cause i know i am doing this to obey and please my lovely Princess ^-^

By the way Yes i mentioned walking and i hope i don´t said to much with this, afterall it should be a surprise to anyone, this trigger is an awesome Puppy trigger and everyone who likes to be her Puppy surely should learn this one, it might be a silly one, but it´s also so much fun :D
Monday, 27 February 2017
Playground triggers are always fun. I love the fact that Domina Shelle can trigger me at any time and any place. Even at a busy airport... Puppy playground files are even more fun, and I love to obey.
Thursday, 23 February 2017
This is a more advanced trigger that forces me to rearrange my life a little bit in order to obey. I feel Domina's power in the compulsion to obey and receive the pleasure of doing so.
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
This is trigger did definitely push my limits as i had great hesitation to do what i was commanded to do. But in the end my brainwashed mind had no choice, i did obey my Domina as my obedience to Her gives me pleasure. And pay attention to Her direct command that She recently posted on twitter. With this adaption my strongest hesitation went away. Now it is a fun trigger that is still slightly pushing limits.
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