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As the Experiment continues into its fifth week and changes become more permanent, I am bringing you into MY world in a very sexy way.

Let Me share something with you...something very personal:

I had the most amazing dream recently. I was in a castle, dressed in a beautiful soft pastel purple gown. I found Myself laying on a golden platform adorned with fine jewels. There were people all around, I think you must have been there. I was in the center of the room and the center of everyone’s attention. I must have been a Princess. I remember laying back, My legs were open. I was consumed with arousal, as if every nerve ending was pulsating. I could feel My swollen pu*sy lips...wet against My silk panties. There was a beautiful sultry woman in 7 inch heels there to please Me.

Her eyes were locked on Mine. I was touching My breast, teasing My nipples and pushing My hips against the foot she had pressed against My pus*y. My body had never been so fully revealed. I was so hot, turned on to the edge of exploding. She would do anything for her Queen. But, I told her to stop. Immediately I woke up, I was so turned on...I was breathing hard, even panting...I wanted to go back to sleep and continue dreaming. (NO I AM NOT INTO tried that either) My sweet, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt that way after dreaming? Is that how you feel with Me, My baby?

Well I am about to program you and put you into a sleepy DREAMY state. So DEEP that it may be hard to tell what is real and what is dreaming. So sexy.

Web Of Sleep

Let Me take you on a little JOURNEY DEEPER into My world...a journey of dreams. A journey so sexy, so perfect that you may just want to stay with Me...TRAPPED in My EROTIC web. So come over here and lay down, snuggle up to Me and close your eyes. W/we are about to EXPERIENCE something amazing together. Web Of Sleep is a perfect brainwashing/ mind control smooth and gentle...oh, you’re going to absolutely LOVE what I do to you, TRUST ME! I am sooo good to you.


A most Pleasing slave mentioned: “Fantasizing about earning an orgasm as a reward for my obedience; cumming only when told to cum.” I bring this up as a reminder, during the EXPERIMENT a C*M Tax is due. Giggles!!! Watch for your comments HERE or on TWITTER.


NO TAX this coming week is required from My faithful, dedicated Volunteer Assignment contributors who lift My spirits every month. Kisses and Loves.


Silky nylon stockings on beautiful sensual legs. Such a sexy fetish. I just love your Sheer Danger reviews and the personal feedback I got from you.


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Pandora's Box --
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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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