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your Mind, My BLANK Canvas

your Mind--My Blank Canvas

Isn’t it funny just how much you missed My weekly session during Nov Black Friday month? Don’t worry, I’m about to make you feel all better. I'm going to bring you into My office and have you lay down on My while leather couch. I’m going to CONDITION your BRAINWASHED MIND. This week’s session, your Mind-My Blank Canvas, is POWERFUL and will help you on those sleepless nights and bring you so much PLEASURE. So, when you listen, put your hand against your heart and feel it beating for Me. Do not miss this one, it’s leading up to the FINAL Brainwashing...YES, the final. Giggles! I wonder if you are ready for what December will bring to you. It’s going to be a wild and wet sleigh ride through your mind.

Now, for a Christmas CHALLENGE...

Find a way to spread LOVE to someone this season. Take a can of food to your local food bank or church or call someone who you know is alone. Do something from your heart...maybe bake cookies for a friend or take them to work. Let’s share in GIVING. Giving does not mean money, but doing something out of love. Christmas is all about THE GIFT OF LOVE. Do NOT forget the reason for CHRISTMAS. It’s going to be amazing for U/us here too...Lots of GIFTS and surprises coming your way.


O/our ADOPTED FAMILY: We have put together around 20 gift cards, so far. Thank you!!! I took our family shopping this week for some extra Christmas treats. Cookies, ice cream, hot cocoa and many other festive treats. It is exciting and feels so good to know that W/we are making a small difference at least for this family. If you did not get a chance to contribute, you may send a contribution for the next Walmart food shopping trip that is set for December 20th or go now and contribute an AMAZON GIFT CARD. Make sure that I know what you have contributed, I want everyone to be included in the card that I will add to O/our gifts. I love knowing that you care as much as I do. I’m so fortunate to have you with Me as Mine.

Lady H: Lad H has an ALL NEW session that will be available by Sunday. I think that this one may be her best ever. You may visit her site to get the session or purchase it HERE on My site. I think you may have had an opportunity to speak with her recently. If NOT, email her. She’s finally back with U/us.

BLACK FRIDAY: I am EXTENDING My Black Friday SALE until Monday. I’m happy to see that so many were able to take advantage of My gracious offers.

CHALLENGE TO PLEASE REMINDER: That time of year When I start putting together My annual retirement fund. This not only lets Me save for My future, but also allows Me to deduct that amount from My income and save on taxes I pay as an individual and as a business. I’m explaining this because My future is with you. I don’t expect to be supported in a live-in two income household. It’s you who are going to give Me the life of a true Princess. haha...My knight in shining armor with a Challenge to Please contribution.

Have an amazing week and be sure to READ the CREATIVE writing for the DESCRIPTION of this week’s new release your Mind-My BLANK Canvas.

Oh, one more thing, if you are still Christmas shopping for your WONDERFUL and AMAZING Domina, check out My Wish List for ideas...Or TRIBUTE to My hair and NAILS, or send Me for a massage or out to dinner. And there is always My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE ME.

HoHoHo, Santa Shelle will be sliding down your CHIMNEY very soon. Let’s make MEMORIES! Let’s SHARE the MEMORIES that W/we make.

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