you will know just how invasive My control is, and that your enslavement to Me is not a mere fantasy...
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If you have not realized by now My pet, I will use every method at my disposal to utterly subjugate you, binding you irrevocably to My control and authority.  I am your ultimate hypnotic seductress capable of disarming all your defenses, subverting your will and re-programming you to inevitably succumb to My erotic power, enslaved and bound to Me for as long as I will it.  The thought of submitting to Me may feel like an indulgence to you, one that leaves you HARD and HORNY, but what happens to you when I leave you with NO thoughts, NO will, NO awareness, completely powerless to do anything but what I want?

Well, My GOOD BOY, in this session I will show you what happens when I put you into a trance so deeply that I effectively shutdown all that is you, essentially a machine, an automaton, disconnected from its source of power.  As you know I am a sweet and caring Domina - well most of the time (giggles) - yet there are occasions I get the urge to taste the full extent of My dominance.  These decadent desires inspire Me to push My subjects beyond their comfort zones, redefining limits and binding your dependence on Me ever more tightly so that you are compelled to seek My guidance and direction.

Now I could just continue to focus on influencing your erotic desires, stroking your lust and redirecting your primal urges to obsess about Me, but I'm in a far more deviant and wicked mood this week!  I want to override the core of who you are, making very clear changes to your personality, behavior and emotions as they relate to Me!  you will leave this session knowing just how invasive My control is, and that your enslavement to Me is not a mere fantasy, it is both SUBSTANTIAL and REAL.

And how will I accomplish this?  Well I'm not going to give away all My secrets, but, suffice to say, I am extremely adept at reprogramming a submissive mind and I will hack the core of you installing a complex adaptive neurological program.  you can think of it as My PURPLE (Powerful Uninhibited Reprogramming Progressively Leading to Enslavement) virus, designed to first alter your mental perspective and then over time to progressively PERSUADE you to become ever more compliant and submissive to Me.  This is not a subtle attempt to subvert your senses, this is a full-on invasion of who you are, enslaving you so completely that the very notion of saying no to Me will be utterly inconceivable.  Yes, My every command, every suggestion, every new way of thinking I plant in your mind will become your ABSOLUTE truth.  That is what I want and in this session this is what I will take from you!

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Wednesday, 08 August 2018
What an incredible session. Domina again shows how pervasive and potent Her talent is for hypnosis and lulling the submissive mind into a world where the listener is completely out of c.
Thursday, 28 June 2018
i'm not usually one for amnesia, and i don't recall any such direction with this file, but Domina just keeps pushing you down, Down, DOWN! Whatever programming she intended must be hitting the mark. There is no resistance. you're simply not there to resist. Awaken feeling great - and do it again and again and...
Sunday, 24 June 2018
Purple is probably not considered to be the favorite color of most men. After listening to this session you may change your mind. Purple has not only become my favorite color but i learned that it has so much more meaning. But don't ask me what additional meaning it has because i don't remember any specifics. You need to listen to it yourself to find out.
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