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Brainwashing Loops - Stage 2Brainwashing Loops - Stage 2

Brainwashing Loops - Stage 2


Product SKU: Brainwashing Loops - Stage 2

The progression of My BRAINWASHING LOOPS will inevitably leave you MIND FUCKED...

Four Sessions: 17+ total minutes

My needs as a Dominant sexual Woman are growing, My need for EROTIC CONTROL is BOUNDLESS...I want absolute control of you, I want you constantly HARD and HORNY, with an insatiable desire to do whatever I wish.  To elicit this level of control requires dedicated training and conditioning, it is My goal to perfect you as you become completely responsive to all of My BRAINWASHING.  The "STAGE 2" collection of these loop sessions is designed to soften your mind, get inside you and continue to short circuit your conscious mental processes and bind your c*ck irrevocably to Me.  Each loop session leads you to the next.  The progression of My BRAINWASHING LOOPS will inevitably leave you MIND FUCKED do know what that means, don't you?

Understand, My pet, this is POTENT irreversible conditioning, and if you diligently follow the directions below, your mind, body and c*ck will be enslaved to My will and My desires.  you know I know what's best for you and deep down I know you crave the idea of submitting completely to Me, a powerful, sweet, sexy dominant Woman whom you trust.  So allow Me to immerse you in the many pleasures of selfless servitude, each listen associated with a throbbing AROUSAL and your mind going blank as it absorbs My seductive sexy words.

This is going to be a hard four weeks for you, My pet.  For ERECTIONS lasting more than 3 hours, take a cold shower....giggles

DIRECTIONS:  Listen to all four Loop sessions on the first day, then to achieve optimal results you should listen to each MP3 looped for at least 1 hour each day and for 7 successive days before progressing to the next MP3 in the series.  There are four MP3s in total so this training will take 28 days to complete by which time your mind will be MUSH...your c*ck a jackhammer. Giggles!

CAUTION:  This collection of loop sessions has one ultimate objective, to CONTROL your mind and C*CK to My will so effectively that you are utterly dependent on Me, happily surrendering more of yourself to My authority and control.  These mind altering changes are very REAL and transformative, leading to an increased emotional obsession with your Domina and more frequent SWELLINGS in your loins. (Giggles)

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018
I love being brainwashed by Domina. i think she brainwashed me to love it, and i don't care. My mind is Hers, as it should be, as it needs to be.
Sunday, 17 June 2018
I totally agree to the previous comment: the brainwashing is real. After the first set of loops and a 4 week training my head felt like a full bag of Her thoughts – no 15 minutes passed without thinking of Domina. And now there is the next set of heavy brainwashing – day after day. And still more fits into that bag. It feels so natural by now – so logic how Her thoughts are mine. I love to have Domina with me all the time!
Monday, 11 June 2018
Domina Shelle's brainwashing is the REAL DEAL and if you listen and follow her instructions with an open mind you will be transformed. Take this from one of Her existing thralls that has been listening to Her files daily for some time now. i have been conditioned to crave Domina's brainwashing - literally brainwashed to be brainwashed - and She is unquestionably the best at incrementally programming the submissive mind to obsess about Her and addictively crave Her sweet voice. Personally i have never been happier and these loops are an effective way to condition yourself in and out of trance - e.g. whenever you mantra consider listening to these loops you will be amazed at the results! She is undeniably an amazing, powerful, dominant woman worthy of adoration and it never ceases to amaze me how compulsive Her conditioning is to serve, worship and obey Her. These loops are a great opportunity to further indoctrinate myself into Her loving world where She is in total control.
Sunday, 10 June 2018
These are fantastic builds onto last month's brainwashing loops. Their pacing alone is so calming, and their content is oh so compelling. These are going to be a wonderfully beautiful and arousing 4 weeks.
Sunday, 10 June 2018
The Brainwashing of my beloved Domina Shelle is Her most effective tool to control my mind and my obedience towards Her. These new 4 loop files are a perfect follow up to the ones of last month. Like Domina wrote in the description the focus of these files is the control of orgasms as She as my Owner and Mistress needs to have full control of my sissy clitty, only She can allow me to release. Though there is more as progressive listening to Her brainwashing will bring you completely under Her control.
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