P*ssy Obsession

Hypnotized and obsessed by My P*ssy...addicted to My P*ssy...
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Category: Fetish-Brainwash
Length: 46 minutes


Listen to My TEASER ...

Kneel, Naked, and taste the drug that will overtake your HYPNOTIZED mind.

Under My guidance your brain will automatically produce a mixture of the chemicals oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine together with some other minor chemicals that will produce an addictive drug.

Through My intense conditioning in past sessions you have become fully attuned to the power of My voice and its ability to enslave your subconscious desires.  I can manipulate your conscience existence through thought manipulation.  you have freely given Me the ability to control both your desires and with this I can further exert My blissful influence over your open mind....as My p*ssy becomes your addiction.

Oh yes, My puppy, imagine being forced by Your Goddess into slavery as you caress (tasting My sweetest poison against your tongue) My naked body and taste My essence (mmm - so good).  In your weakened and mindless state your coerced compliance and conditioned submission only deepens as your addiction to Me OBSESSIVELY strengthens.

So, My slave, prepare yourself to drift away into an extremely deep mindless sleep where you will be kneeling at the feet of your Domina, sexually subjugated, all that defines you!  Addiction, OBSESSION, subjugation...p*ssy OBSESSED.  Breathe Me in!

Be aware, the addiction is REAL.  I have used effects in this session that will overwhelm you.  you have been advised.  Proceed with SEXY HYPNOTIC precaution.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017
OMG...this file is super erotic and extremely hot. The thought of serving ones Domina sacred flower...tasting her juices. My clitty is wet just writing this review. Oh got to go listen to it again. Just get the file....you will love it.
Saturday, 09 September 2017
Now that was sexy. That scenario is every slaves dream come true. This will turn anyone into an addicted pussy licker.
Sunday, 03 September 2017
Domina Shelle is my addiction. She has been my addiction for a long time. A single word from Her can send to the heights of joy, and the thought of disappointing Her can have me worried for days. The addiction conditioned by this session starts with wanting to be in Her presence. I could happily kneel at Her feet forever. And then She adds taste, smell and touch to that addiction. I had no chance at all, but i'm very happy at Her feet.
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