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A Deeper Servitude | Shelle RiversA Deeper Servitude | Shelle Rivers

A Deeper Servitude


Product SKU: A Deeper Servitude

I will manipulate you into a deeper servitude...

Session Length: 40 minutes

As a predator of your mind, I will manipulate you with My sweet, sticky, sexy words....yes, manipulated into the deepest hypnotic trance and leave you completely suggestible to what I want.  Sexy, don't you think?

One of My most developed and advanced weapons is sweet manipulation.  you know what I mean...Women do it all the time.  you even love it when you are being manipulated.  Yes, with My soft sexy words and My naughty teasing, I easily manipulate you into what I want.  My words SNEAKY, sweet SEXY and irresistible to your empty open mind.  Manipulated into complete suggestibility and into perfect hypnotic submission, MINDLESS and ready to do whatever your Domina wants.  Don't worry, I won't have to take what I will just give it to Me! ~~~GIGGLES~~~

It's so simple for you...all you do is LISTEN and fall into trance.  I'll do the rest.
Be careful, you may find yourself needing to serve in many ways.  A perfect MINDSET for a submissive slave.

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Monday, 21 September 2020
As the file says, Deeper Servitude, you will feel like serving Domina even more than before after listening to this. All i can say is, "Yes Domina i will obey You, ALWAYS".
Tuesday, 30 May 2017
Domina reminds me of whats truly important. Domina Shelle is whats truly truly important. She taps in on my overwhelming need to please Her and brings me even closer to perfect service to Her. This file will bring You closer into the light of perfect surrender and obedience to domina
Saturday, 27 May 2017
The surprising thing for me about this session was just how deep into trance I fell during Domina's very creative induction. Long time listeners of erotic hypnosis know that trust in the hypnotist, depth of trance and and repeated listens lead to increased suggestibility. Since I implicitly trust Domina and I listen to all her sessions repeatedly, the impact of a session typically hinges on how deep into trance I go and how long I remain deep in trance. For this session I went very deep into trance during the first listen. Domina's suggestions were beyond compelling and even compulsion, it was as if she literally re-wrote my mindset when it comes to serving her. Prior to this session I considered myself a devoted servant to Domina but after listening to it I realized I need to do more - much more. I recommend this session to all true submissives that wish to dedicate their service to Domina Shelle - you will be making a very wise decision that will expand your notions of devotion and obedience.
Tuesday, 23 May 2017
This file delivers what it's title suggests. It helps you to reach a deeper servitude with out beloved Princess... It creates a very pleasant surrounding and helps you to achieve what you want... 5-Stars
Tuesday, 23 May 2017
This one shows how easy it is for her to manipulate you in to what she wants you to do, thought you might not even realize that she is manipulating you, cause what she manipulates you to is what you crave already anyway, so yeah just listen, give in and let her help you one step closer to becoming a perfect slave for you, afterall that´s what you want to be for her, don´t you?

i surely do, that´s why i absolutly love this one and will listen more then once, i could say more then this, but everything else i could say would be a spoiler for you :P
Monday, 22 May 2017
5 STARS! If there is a file meant to be the sequel of “Pleasing me” - This is it: “Deeper service” is similar in tone and sweetness but leads me deep down in the cycle of two addictions that double bind and trigger each other. There is room to move but no room to escape. There is flexibility to plan my daily habits and – no micromanagement – but Domia's irrefutable master-plan towers above all: She is sweetness – i want to please and serve her. She is power – i submit my habits and obligations to her will. I think this is best for me – can I listen to it again?
Monday, 22 May 2017
This one really hit deep in my submissive core. i love it. Made me eager to obey.
Saturday, 20 May 2017
i love my servitude to my beloved Domina. i love to please Her and to spoil Her whenever i can. This file builds up on that need and transform it into an essential part of my servitude towards Domina Shelle. As She suggested in the file and as it is the Law of Hypnosis i will listen to this one over and over to ensure all Her suggestions are deeply embedded in my mind.
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