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Power Of Brainwashing | Shelle RiversPower Of Brainwashing | Shelle Rivers

Power Of Brainwashing


Product SKU: Power Of Brainwashing

Powerful BRAINWASHING that will make U/us both happy...giggles

Session: 40 Minutes
Category: Mind Erasing HYPNOSIS and BRAINWASHING
Sample: LINK

I have been using brainwashing to enslave you.  you do not care, it's what you want.  I know what you want, because I brainwashed you to want what I want.  Listen to Me now!  you are BRAINWASHED...I have BRAINWASHED you to OBEY without thought and without question.  you have been brainwashed to need more brainwashing.  you will listen to this session because I am speaking to your subconscious mind.  you are PROGRAMMED, your chip activated...this is a COMPULSION....listen NOW for your Domina.  Beware, this session will leave you MINDLESS and BLANK....Just the way I want you.  A clean slate for My BRAINWASHING!  A perfect MIND ERASER!

Oh, and don't worry about the SUBLIMINALS, you'll feel them over'll never hear them.

Subliminal Messages, Binaural Effects and may cause BLANKNESS...GIGGLES!

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Thursday, 25 January 2024
The other reviews here aren’t just hyperbole, Domina Shelle has crafted something wonderful here. Her voice just enveloped me and made me feel so warm, safe and aroused..i just about had time to think ‘WOW this feels incredible’ and then suddenly my mind was gone...dropped into a trance so deep that i had no thoughts except for Her brainwashing going directly into my mind. If you love brainwashing files you’re sure to enjoy this. If you don’t but happen to hear it anyway, you’ll also enjoy this. Domina Shelle really is that powerful. This is part of the Beginning Path (which i highly recommend) but i’ll be returning to it over and over. To tell you the truth i can’t stop thinking about it.
Sunday, 09 April 2023
This is an absolute MUST HAVE! Domina is a professional and She will brainwash You and take You to places you never before thought possible… But there may not be many thoughts left after Domina takes them all for Herself ❤️
Wednesday, 26 May 2021
The pleasure of falling so deep for Domina Shelle and Her being in complete control is pure bliss. It started out with me being in a light trance, with Domina’s relaxing and sexy voice i began to sink deeper so fast until a state of mindless growing arousal and complete ecstasy. Oh how i crave to please Domina and to be completely under Her control always! Do not miss out on this one!!!
Wednesday, 16 December 2020
Wow what an amazing file. Domina taking you so deeply into relaxation. She just keeps taking you deeper and deeper. Soon you are so aroused and horny for Domina that its time to wake because she has already done what she wanted to do. Brainwash you and mind fuck you more. i really enjoyed this and the idea of listening to it more is in my head. Its like i must listen to it. The relaxation alone is worth it. i felt so numb by the time she started counting me up. Thank You Domina for creating this gem of a file. i really needed a good file that took me deep into relaxation and this did the trick.
Monday, 07 December 2020
I picked up this file as part of Domina's special deals with Her release of The Submissive Kiss. I'm glad I did as not only is it one of the few files that I barely remember the contents of; but it also has an amazing habit of drenching my panties in wanton longing to please Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 04 February 2018
This file is sooo relaxing and as soon it starts you will find yourself blank and mindless while Domina Shelle just brainwashes you as you are just mindless and thoughtless. I honestly have no idea what she is doing to my mind but I really don't care but it feels so good, this is a file I can't stop listening too and wants it ends I just want to repeat it again and again!
Thursday, 05 October 2017
This is the most soothing, the most relaxing, the most euphoric, mindless & blank session I've experienced to date. It's so incredible...the feeling afterwards just makes you want to go under again and again. And i do! Very much so that i can't seem to find a reason to move on to the next file. It's very easy to go deep! Very Very Deep. And i can't remember much of the file at all. Just the euphoria and the cravings. I'm definitely on edge constantly...thinking i could cum at any moment without much effort. Horny, aroused, and desiring to go back and take another hit. I want it and i need it. 40 minutes go by in a flash which is why it's been so easy to loop it over & over. Can you tell i like this one a LOT! Thank You Domina!
Thursday, 07 September 2017
Domina Shelle really has been using brainwashing to enslave me, because i'm so thoroughly conditioned by Her that the idea that wanting to be Her hypnotized slave is in any way unusual long ago left my mind. As Domina says, She knows what we want, and in this file, She not only proves it, but proves how badly we want it too. None of this will come as a surprise to longtime listeners of Her work, but it is, as always, a pleasure to be brainwashed by our beloved Domina.
Sunday, 18 June 2017
i ähm...i ähm...What just happened? >.<

It was so relaxing, so soothing to listen to her, slowly dropping depper and depper, until suddenly bäm gone feeling like a mindless drone just obeying every command without even knowing what exactly i obeyed and then waking up, horny, dripping, craving to cum, not cumming, cause Chastity, as well as no permission from Princess, not caring about being unable to cum despite the craving and now as i write this i also already look forward to listening to this File again, while i can´t even describe what she did to me, all i really know is how unbelievable good it felt to listen and obey her and yeah that´s all i need to know and also all that is needed for me to listen again and again, there were times where i was able to review a File probably i wonder if i ever will be able to do so again, how can i review Files if i don´t know what happened as well as don´t understand it? Althought i know it´s totally fine for me to not know or understand anything, it doesn´t matter anyway, Princess knows what she is doing to me and i know i can trust her ^-^
Saturday, 10 June 2017
i liked how horny i was when Domina woke me up. i was so ready to cum, of course i didn't since i'm in chastity. This is very deep hypnosis.
Thursday, 08 June 2017
There is only one that can drop me so deeply, and that one is Domina Shelle. Trusting Domina Shelle is a given. There is no limit how deep one can fall... there is no greater pleasure than having your head filled with the voice and suggestions of Domina Shelle. Being brainwashed by a powerful Domina like Domina Shelle is the ultimate experience. All that is left after this file is to beg Domina Shelle to brainwash me more.
Wednesday, 07 June 2017
There are few things better than letting my Domina hypnotize me and make me her horny puppy. Even thinking about her voice is enough to make it happen. Everyone should listen to this and let Mistress make their lives better.
Monday, 05 June 2017
There are a few things that I can say with certainty about this session: The times i have woken up feeling amazing after listening to it. I know that it is a brainwashing session. The induction feels seamless with the rest of the session. Beyond these things i cannot be sure what the session contains, for Domina's words seem to float in one ear, do their thing, then float out the other ear with a satisfied sigh. I love this session and the way it causes me to feel, but i am unable to be more specific than that. Definitely a mind eraser.
Monday, 05 June 2017
It feels so good as Her voice is taking over my weakened mind. my mind is Her mind to being brainwashed to become perfect for Her. Shivers of bliss running through me as i write my review while i still a bit dazed from the mindless and horny state Domina left me in by the end of the file.
Sunday, 04 June 2017
Her voice feels so good to listen to. i love being hypnotized by Domina Shelle. i am a happy horny puppy for my Domina. it feels so good to trust Her and listen to what She says. Don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself. She is amazing! She is the best!
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