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A Sissy's TaleA Sissy's Tale

A Sissy's Tale


Product SKU: A Sissy's Tale

A story of blind obedience and transformation...on the EXTREME side of sissy fantasy...

Audio Length: 52 minutes
Category: Hypno Story - Sissy Transformation

A story that shows imagination, devotion and dedication.  It’s a story of blind obedience and transformation.  I hope you find it exciting, arousing and brings you many sexy fantasies.  Thank you, My slave andrea.

This story is on the EXTREME side of hypno sissy fantasy.  Possibly pushing some of your hard limits.

This audio story is narrated by none other than your Domina Shelle.

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Monday, 13 August 2018
Although not a sissy myself i found this story intriguing from the standpoint of how Domina wields Her authority and how dominant She can be on those that desire a life of being feminized and objectified. This opens the possibility that for those that get to know Her and adore Her there is a good chance You will get to taste the more wicked whims of Domina and feel the pleasure of losing all control and giving in to whatever She desires. Sissification is just one example of this and this tale really shows that Domina is open to pushing ones limits and grooming you to be whatever She wishes. That is what i took away from this tale and only makes me crave Domina's control even more.
Sunday, 29 July 2018
Careful – Explicit! Thank You Domina and thank you andrea for this erotic fantasy. I enjoyed it a lot as it is stud with a lot of triggers and erotic images. So vivid were the images – I must have been into trance at the end of the story. Explicitly recommended!
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