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The Banker - Written StoryThe Banker - Written Story

The Banker - Written Story


Product SKU: The Banker - Written Story

The Banker - Written Story

This is a sexy story of O/our Dominatrix, Lady Helena.  Through the many descriptive dungeon sessions, She demonstrates Her power and control over Her slaves.  She gets Her way and pulls off the Perfect Bank Heist.  Don't expect the written story to put you to sleep.

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Saturday, 02 March 2019
i loved the story and long for Domina to create more stories particularly audio ones. As an avid reader of i love the third person narrative to see erotic and femdom hypnosis performed on others and we have a ring side seat as to how it all plays. For me at least, this underpins my submissiveness and gives me a way to explore hypno-fetishism out of trance, educating myself in the process.
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