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A Subconscious Surrender | Shelle RiversA Subconscious Surrender | Shelle Rivers

A Subconscious Surrender


Product SKU: A Subconscious Surrender

you’re ready to commit your subconscious to only Me...

A Subconscious Surrender (25 minutes):

There is a method to My sweet madness.  There is a progression with everything that I do to you.  With every session, I take over more and more of you.  SURRENDER your subconscious mind.  I want all of it.

My sweet, what W/we have is very intimate.  I know that you feel it too.  I know you’re ready to commit your subconscious to Me and only Me.

No one makes you feel like I do.  No one else can weave their words around your mind the way I do.

your mind is compelled by My voice, your fantasies are made of the kind of dominance and control that comes from serving only Me.  There is room only for My triggers and My suggestions.  My suggestions are powerful over your open and hypnotized mind.

you are perfectly suggestible and you know you want whatever I want.  Listen to My voice and take this next step, you are ready.

Experience the power of My post hypnotic suggestions in the waking world.

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Thursday, 12 August 2021
It’s always a privilege to feel Domina’s presence on an advanced level, and this file offers just that. Be prepared for the next step in your wonderful journey in Princess Shelle’s embrace. It feels right to listen and serve.
Monday, 02 August 2021
This was very powerful and that trance was so deep. i was all dizzy from it when my Domina made me sent that email. It took a while for me to come out of it.
Sunday, 01 August 2021
This was an amazing session. For such a short session, i fell into a deep trance in what seemed a matter of seconds. Domina has so much control over me. Falling into hypnosis for Her just doesnt take much effort anymore. i love that she has all that control over me. It makes me so aroused. It makes it so easy for Domina to have Her way with my mind. This is definitely on my favorites list. i have listened to this so many times i lost count. In the end all that really matters is my subconscious belongs to my Domina. i love You Domina.
Sunday, 01 August 2021
As always my beloved Domina Shelle took me into a deep trance and made my mind weak and pliable for Her suggestions. Well my subconscious mind, a mind that belongs to Her for sure after this file as She implanted that strong urge, a burning need to gift my subconscious mind to Her. i am glad that She accepted this gift as well as all the other gifts i made Her since i met Her so many years ago.
Saturday, 31 July 2021
This is a short and fun feeling session with a serious side. I adore serving Domina Shelle and my subconscious already belongs to Her. I have Sessions that capitalize on both of those facts are ones that i enjoy. This session is a wonderful way to revisit just how deeply Domina Shelle owns me and i can't wait to listen again. And again...
Saturday, 31 July 2021
My subconscious belongs to Domina Shelle. i have a powerful unbreakable contract with Her as Her life long property that She can do anything to my mind, and to me that She wishes.
Friday, 30 July 2021
I DEEPLY crave giving myself COMPLETELY to Domina Shelle and this session is the perfect opportunity to do just that! The more of me that Domina owns, the happier I become... Domina knows just how to use what she owns to make you feel AMAZING and of course to please her in all ways... ❤ The more of me that Domina owns, the more I crave and beg her to take more! I'm completely lost and obsessed with Domina at this point... I DEEPLY crave to be owned and mind-fucked by her deeper and more powerfully forever... I LOVE Domina Shelle! ❤
Thursday, 29 July 2021
This was already where my slave life had taken me, already my truth. It was wonderful to hear Domina confirm it was the right place for me to be, to confirm it was the right thing to do. So arousing, so pleasurable, such a meager gift to offer Domina, how could i offer what was already Hers. It is my job to give to Domina, yet She never stops giving to me. i am Hers in every way, this file will confirm She owns you as well, Domina is Perfect!!!
Thursday, 29 July 2021
Another milestone in pleasing Domina, truly turning over control of my subconscious to Her to condition and program as She pleases. All the while, feeling pleasure like never felt before. It never felt so good to let go, obey and submit to Her incredible control!
Thursday, 29 July 2021
What a Brilliant file! This Woman is so cleaver You don't see it coming yet She makes you beg for more and more and in this file She gives you exactly what you want, subconscious slavery.... i have listened many time already and each time is like the first, talk about Blissful surrender, oh i for one Beg my Domina Shelle to accept my contract. This is good, very very good and i never want this to stop.....
Wednesday, 28 July 2021
my subconscious belongs to my Domina... This was already the truth, but Domina seems to want it to be certain, and in this She most definitely assures it. A beautifully deep and dreamy trance, and yet She left me with great recall after the fact. Such an arousing and erotic experience, but by no means over-sexed, and extremely friendly for all of Her listeners. It seems with each file She releases, Domina seems to be able to find a way to take things at least one step further, with this, She created such emotional highs, and a sense of profound bliss, with the way She takes over, i think She made my mind skip for at least a few miles, not just one step or two... Just give in and surrender to Her, let Her bring true bliss to you. ❤
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