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Destined to Serve | Shelle RiversDestined to Serve | Shelle Rivers

Destined to Serve


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Embrace your destiny as My slave and My property...

Destined to Serve (36 minutes):

Being indoctrinated by My will is more than a fetish fantasy, or an erotic escape, it is the realization of a fundamental TRUTH:  you were ALWAYS destined to submit and serve a beautiful, powerful, Woman like Me!

All it took were My whispered words and you were weak and helpless to resist that instinctive need to surrender to My all consuming authority.  But, My submissive servant, this primal weakness is a GIFT, one to be nurtured and exploited by your Domina as I impregnate your mind with the undeniable TRUTH that I am at the center of all Your desires.

Absolute obedience is now what you crave, enticed by desires of ownership and subservience, you willingly surrender to Me, your Dominant Temptress, as I progressively tighten My hold on your open susceptible mind.  This will beCUM your reality because My words convey real power and the more you submit to My authority the more natural and normal it is to OBEY Me without thought and without question.

Destined To Serve will seduce and indoctrinate you to accept this fate, to embrace your destiny as My slave and My property.  As you surrender to the many sensual pleasures of obedience, My indoctrination will set you free, free to achieve your full potential as a more devoted, more adoring servant fully vested in honoring all My wishes and desires. (giggles)

Let go of your fears, My pet, and take this important next step on your journey into blissful submission as you acknowledge the TRUTH of our relationship, that your enslavement to Me is very REAL.  This acceptance will set you free as you find new happiness in servitude, falling deeper into My world, infused with a passion to be forever MINE!!! ~~Kisses~~

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Tuesday, 12 April 2022
After submitting to a VERY deep trance, Domina explained perfectly the basis and reasons i feel so compelled and have such an innate craving to serve, love, honor and obey Her. I felt my submissive and subservient needs deeply as She explained that i've had these cravings since birth. She also more fully trained and conditioned my already known desires to serve a Beautiful Dominant Woman. What is so amazing is that i feel so close to Her, so vulnerable to Her, so intimate with Her, so incredibly aroused when i think of Her and, it just feels so good, so right.
Wednesday, 22 September 2021
i hate to admit it, but there were points in my life when i thought certain events would force me to no longer be able to be with Domina Shelle. However, i am all the more proud that i realized how wrong I was and how important my Domina has become in my Life. i was ALWAYS destined to submit to and serve a beautiful, powerful woman and luckily that woman is Domina Shelle. i will never forget the moment when i realized this... even though it was long before She released this Session, which is an irresistible Masterpiece. i can not help but to listen to it over and over. Domina's seductively whispered words never fail to make me weak and helpless to resist the need to surrender to her Absolute Authority and the mind-numbing pleasure of obedience. Her voice guides me as i accept this fate and embrace my predestined role as Her slave and property. i catch myself uttering "YES" every time Domina gives me the choice wether to turn away or to let go of my fears and concerns and accept the TRUTH and reality of my enslavement. "YES my Domina i willingly Surrender to be forever YOURS."
Thursday, 12 August 2021
Fate is a funny thing. You can wander all your life until you finally find (or are found by) the one thing that you have no control over. Part of me wants to say that this session is not by itself deeply hypnotic unless you happen to be well conditioned to Domina Shelle's Voice. However, personal experience tells me that for the right person at the right time this session will hit like a sledgehammer. Our utter defenselessness against such moments is precisely what this session is about. You never stood a chance. The game was rigged from the start.
Thursday, 12 August 2021
A beautiful soft and seductive hypno trance. Every word is laced with a velvety creamy mind numbing poison reeling you into Her web of dopamine overload. This FemDom Hypnotist is Pure Bliss just as it should be, A soft sweet sticky trap, one taste and you are hooked. But boy is it worth it? Damn right it is!
Thursday, 12 August 2021
What a perfect session that describes exactly where i want to be with Domina Shelle... in a lifetime contract to serve and take care of Her was long as i possibly can. Nothing is more important than being sure Domina lives well and secure with the tangible support i can provide for keeping me as Her devoted slave.
Tuesday, 10 August 2021
Even prior to this, i had already accepted the truth, that Domina talks of within. It is obvious to both Her, and to me, that serving Her was always my destiny. In this, She simply makes it much easier to understand why that is the case. It doesn't matter if She wishes me to kneel, so She can place my head or the back of my neck, firmly beneath Her heel, or whether She allows me to happily snuggle in, as She wraps me around Her finger once again, i know that where She says, is where i belong, and in this truly blissful session, She makes certain of it. There is no room left for doubt, there is no way out; absolutely no escape at all, once Her words are absorbed, and that makes it even more beautiful an experience. She explains about service, and obedience, and why it was always going to be the case that a submissive who encounters Her, will become well and truly enslaved, and i for one, have to say, that i'm so happy that She knows how to make it happen. Submission, service and enslavement to Domina Shelle is not only my destiny, that i embrace gladly, i embrace it blissfully! Thank You, Domina, for a truly beautiful session. So incredibly arousing, and yet so deeply assuring; so intensely deep, and yet accessible to my conscious memory too. Thank You! ♥
Tuesday, 10 August 2021
It's my purpose for living is to serve Domina Shelle, My life had lead me to kneel at Her perfect feet, and devote my existence to pleasing, serving and obeying Her. i know this is true because Domina Shelle told me so, and everything Domina says is true
Monday, 09 August 2021
i had lovely long soft slide to trance while listening this. Deep trance where my mind was open to my Domina. This was a comfortable and serene trance that left me relaxed and well rested.
Monday, 09 August 2021
Domina begins by promising to explain why we are drawn back again and all attempts at escape futile. I do not consciously remember the reason because within a few moments I am helpless in blank, blissful obedience. After listening compulsively several times I now realize that there is no escape from Domina's control and what feeble resistance to her suggestions and commands I may have once had is being completely eradicated. I obey Domina Shelle without thought or hesitation.
Sunday, 08 August 2021
What an arousing session. These session where Domina is talking to me and explaining things, totally catch me off guard. Before i knew what was happening, i was deep in trance. Once there Domina had me under Her control and She proceeds to mind fuck the crap out of me. It was pure ecstasy and overwhelming arousal that i felt. i woke to huge puddle of precum. These session where She mind fucks me, i just love the most. i love Dominas control. I love how She literately takes me, dominates me and owns me. i love being owned by Domina. i am so bound to Domina. If Domina was not in my life i would just wither and die. i can not imagine my life without Her here in it. She is always there guiding me along. i can't wait to listen to this again. It made me so horny and left me so aroused, i've just got to listen to it again. Thank You Domina for creating this and showing me just how much i am Your slave and Your property.
Sunday, 08 August 2021
My destiny is to Love and serve my Beautiful Domina Shelle Rivers… Forever her slave… She lives in my mind and she has made it so wonderfully seductive and HERS in every way… Every road leads back to my wonderful and sexy Domina… There is NO escape… giggles…. I fell SOOO incredibly deep in this session that I just can’t quite recall the details… All I know is how wonderful it made me feel and how much of a treat it is to Serve Princess Shelle… I want to listen over and over again!!!
Saturday, 07 August 2021
I'm on a journey that ends at the feet of Domina Shelle. And so are you if you are reading this review. I need to listen to this session (again and again) to help me get where I want to be.
Friday, 06 August 2021
There are times i truly wish i had a better vocabulary, because i simply do not have the words to do this session justice. i was destined to serve a beautiful and dominant woman but only ever one, the Beautiful and Dominant Domina Shelle Rivers. This is an incredible session which reminds me of so many reasons why i am blessed to serve at Domina's Beautiful Sexy feet. Where else in this world would i ever want to be. The only thing that confuses me, i thought it was Domina's birthday this week and yet She gives me a gift as wonderful as this session. How could i ever not love and serve this Precious Mistress. i have no defenses left where Her Sensual Sexy Voice is concerned, where She is concerned, but She is my truth and my very reason to be. Thank You Domina for allowing me to be Your slave.
Friday, 06 August 2021
It hasn't even been 12 hours since i discovered this file. Yet, i found myself frequently waking up during the middle of the night for "just , I'm writing this review while jonesing for the next opportunity to surrender. Oh how i hope this Friday work day passes quickly! i so eagerly crave the start of the weekend so that i can spend it in bed with my sex throbbing in bliss for my Domina. Her voice flooding me with ecstasy while Her programming soaks ever deeper into what's left of my mind.
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