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Absolute Authority | Shelle RiversAbsolute Authority | Shelle Rivers

Absolute Authority


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A one-way journey into complete submission ...

Absolute Authority (51 minutes)

Do you believe hypnotically induced affirmations can change your life?

In this session I am going to demonstrate to you that My sweet seductive words are more than just your TRUTH, they will actually reshape your perception of reality allowing Me to turn simple statements into powerful tools of indoctrination, essentially potent brainwashing mantras for your subconscious mind. (giggles)

My goal is to transform you into My perfected slave, feeling more submissive, more in love and more addicted to Me with every passing day, so that My control permeates further into every aspect of your life.  My skill with deep hypnotic conditioning should never be underestimated and with a few repetitive statements, and some mental manipulation, you will be mine!

This is very REAL, My pet, and is the essence of ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY.  you will discover that My domination extends far beyond your periods in trance and I will render you utterly powerless to My authority and control, permanently imposing My will on your vulnerable subconscious mind.  With repeated listens, this session will progressively lead to profound, life long, changes in your submissive psyche giving Me a permanent aura of authority, transforming your submission into irreversible mental enslavement.

What's even more wonderfully wicked is, consciously, you will be oblivious to these changes.  My words will be so compelling, so addictive, you'll happily accept all My post-hypnotic conditioning viewing all your actions as the consequence of your "own" ideas.  But, be under no illusion, I will be controlling and manipulating all your thoughts and decision to give you new fetishes and compulsions, all under the guise of your wanting to further your journey into submission to Me.

Yes, I am a devious Domina, but remember (while you still can), that I know what you need and what is best for you.  I am destined to be your everything, the center of your universe, with Me as your first and last thought of every day and the person that makes you smile whenever you think or fantasize of Me.  So accept your fate, My pet, and prepare for a very relaxing, restful session that, quite literally, will begin a one-way journey into complete submission to Me.

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Thursday, 10 March 2022
As Domina often says repetition of her sessions is key to highly effective programming. She always makes you want to listen more and more. This session very subtly works on one’s internal acceptance as Domina as an authority figure. Though she already has established this concretely and and endless desire to give Her all authority, repetitive listening will automate Her authority. It is so important that she has complete control and this will add to Her power over you. It must be repeated to feel the full potential
Sunday, 30 January 2022
Once again, Domina Shelle demonstrates why She is a master of Her craft. Excelling at extracting that last remaining speck of resistance, that you didn't even realise was there, as She draws your weak, hypnotised mind further under Her irresistible control. Training you to respond to Her and only Her, forever and always. So give in and just submit to Domina's absolute authority today.
Thursday, 21 October 2021
i have a new favorite file. Domina is just amazing in how She comes up with these. This session just helped me sleep so deep, it was so relaxing. It was one deep fucking trance. i can't remember anything about it. i just know i woke up relaxed and feeling wonderful and a bit wet. It made me sleep so deeply. It helped me sleep at night after listening to it. Just need to loop this thing if you have trouble sleeping at night. Domina is my absolute authority. i can't wait to listen to this again to feel that complete relaxation. If you have trouble sleeping you should try this file.
Thursday, 07 October 2021
I love this session. It's definitely a favorite. The level of relaxation felt after this session feels so good. Just throw it on an endless loop and feel fantastic knowing that you're giving all control to the perfect Domina Shelle. It's what she wants and she's in charge, so obey her.
Monday, 12 July 2021
This isn't an 'easy' session to review, simply because the content seems impossible to recall. It is another of those sessions that seems to redefine the word deep, as Domina takes all conscious thought away. Trying to remember exactly what She said or did, is like trying to catch smoke with a butterfly net... Yet despite the lack of recall of the actual content, it is one of those that draws me back, over and over again. In many ways, it feels like a perfect overnight session to have pouring into my mind as i sleep; to let Domina do as She pleases with my receptive subconscious mind. Whenever this is left on loop overnight, i wake up feeling incredibly aroused, but more than content not to play with myself, and just lay there upon awakening, revelling in the bliss of Domina's influence. The loop session She provides is a little easier to recall, but i won't spoil the content, instead, i shall just say that i find myself floating along though my day, as i listen, and find myself agreeing with everything that Domina says. This is another that is a 'must buy' file in my opinion, especially so if you wish to be truly devoted to Domina Shelle, because it really does help Her take complete control, and can only lead to Her being recognised as the title says; She is now my Absolute Authority, and i have regrets about it. ❤
Friday, 28 August 2020
So easy to accept Domina's growing control, so happy to submit to Domina's growing control. i love when my Domina programmes my mind, She is so good at it and it is always good for me. Domina is my absolute authority.
Tuesday, 03 March 2020
i've held off writing for awhile, but this session has simply become a continuous favorite. AA makes it difficult even to listen to other sessions. i just keep going back. Domina's power to decide what i do or do not consciously remember is growing more absolute. i really do need to get back to Freedom To Submit, or perhaps, Calibration, but for now Absolute Authority is a most pleasant way to go.
Wednesday, 22 January 2020
Thank You Domina for making a file to help me sleep better. This is going to be useful. This has a slow peaceful rhythm that made me relax and very sleepy. And i woke up energized.
Wednesday, 10 July 2019
sweet gentle insidious Yes, Domina. You are my Absolute Authority.
Tuesday, 11 June 2019
It had become natural and an undeniable fact already well before, that Domina Shelle is and will ALWAYS be my Absolute Authority. I never question her or the feelings that come with being enslaved by her. I am unable to resist and love my submission and obedience to her to much to even try. This is my reality and I appreciate that she recorded this wonderfully relaxing Session. I love being hypnotized and brainwashed by her. Altough it wouldn't be necessary, it reminds me of the ONLY truth I NEED to know. My Domina IS my Absolute Authority.
Monday, 10 June 2019
This has become a favorite. I can't get enough of it. Am i in a virtuous or viscious cycle ? i don't care. i just love being the subject of Her authority.
Thursday, 06 June 2019
It is impossible to remember everything from this recording but one thing is impossible to forget. And that is who has Absolute Authority in my life.
Sunday, 26 May 2019
Having been a part of the dominion of Domina Shelle for the past two years this session, for me, was a series of affirmations. Consciously my mind frequently resists all hypnosis sessions that attempt to change the status quo but it was very satisfying that with this session there was no rebellion, not one peep of resistance. i listened, relaxed and acknowledge every word, not as a new truth, but with the understanding this is my reality. Absolute Authority is wonderful litmus test to know one is fully committed to Domina Shelle and when i listen i feel only a strengthening bond to submit, serve and obey my Owner. The beauty of all of the sessions Domina creates is they progressively chip away your foundation and understanding of submission, so where there once was a curious submissive there is now a passionate slave dedicated to Her. The feeling of knowing there is only one Domme for You is a special moment for any submissive and once contracted and owned you will never look back. That is the true power of Absolute Authority, and i for one love it.
Thursday, 23 May 2019
Absolute authority, shows you, who is really in charge.
Monday, 20 May 2019
As much as i would like to review this File there is one problem, i am not even sure what exactly happened, all i can say is that i felt amazing had a great sleep and will listen again and again, other then that they may or may not be changes i may or may not notice, but that is hard to tell with not really knowing what exactly just happened, afterall what i think may has changed might always have been there in the end and to be completly honest her speaking of my Owner there is no reason to try and figure out what just happened it doesn´t matters, all that matters is that she knows what is best and that i can trust her, so whatever she did was just the best for me/her/us ^-^
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