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Hypno-Dungeon | Shelle RiversHypno-Dungeon | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Hypno-Dungeon

I control and captivate every aspect of who you are now, both physically and mentally.

Hypno-Dungeon (45 minutes)
Sample: LINK

I do enjoy having a captive audience, My pet, you utterly focused on Me, mesmerized by My words and lost in My every sensual seductive movement.  Hmmmmm, it's so intensely arousing imagining you naked and helpless in front of Me, taken against your will, but there is only smoldering lust and erotic desire in your eyes as you bathe in My beauty.

Did that imagery excite My c*ck?  Yes, I think it did, and if I know My pet, you're already getting hard and horny reading this, fantasizing how a strong willed, powerful, sexy and manipulating Woman can dominate you so easily and completely.  you will learn that My dungeon needs no walls, no restraints, because I control and captivate every aspect of who you are now, both physically and mentally.

you know this is true!  It's no secret (giggles) that you're so vulnerable and susceptible to My charms.  All it takes is the sound of My voice, some guided focus and you're mine.  It is so hot seeing your open suggestible mind melt in front of Me, powerless to My will, succumbing to My inescapable hypnotic bondage, leaving you a prisoner in your own mind and body. (wicked laugh)

In this session I will indulge these fantasies of seduction, capture and brainwashing with a wicked mind game that will add a sexy twist to your life.  you think you know what obsession and addiction is, but, after this session you will better appreciate how much you need your Domina.

I'm a part of you now, no matter where you go or whatever you do in your every day reality, and what better way to demonstrating My power over you than to use powerful post hypnotic conditioning to leave you craving and begging for Me, without knowing why.  That's the wicked mind game that awaits you, My pet, and I know you'll love surrendering to Me again, and again and again......

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Monday, 12 July 2021
Well at least looking at the other reviews, i don't have to worry about spoilers at all... The other reviewers give you enough knowledge of the content, that there can't be any surprises, and it's pointless giving just alluring hints. i shall simply say that if you already obsess over, and crave Domina Shelle, and want to fall even deeper, and think of Her even more, then this session will definitely help.
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Listening to Domina hypnotize me in her Hypno-Dungeon, every single woman you see from now on will remind you of Domina in some way. Whether it be on TV, in the store, or just walking down the street, you will get home and be unable to get Domina off of your mind. And the post-hypnotic trigger she implants in our minds will drive you wild with arousal.
Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Get ready to be distracted and horny for a week. Constantly reminded of Domina. Anywhere you go, there is something or someone that reminds you of Domina. Little moments that then turn to fantasies. In the end you just have to beg for a permission.
Thursday, 25 April 2019
Have you ever seen a beautiful woman in a short skirt walking down the street, at the gym with a tight ass, sunbathing on the beach, or a waitress with deep cleavage, or watched a striptease on porn and couldn’t get them out of your mind for days. Well, after listening to this file, the experience of seeing an attractive woman will never be the same for me. Now every time I get a little wobbly in the knees for a woman, all I want to do is return to the dark dungeon of Domina Shelle and beg for her to brainwash me and make me her toy. I can’t get the thought of pleasing and serving her out of my mind. Every woman now simply reminds me that my pleasure and arousal is dependent upon being under the control of Domina Shelle.
Monday, 22 April 2019
I thought I knew what to expect with this file, and yet it went in a completely different direction. There wasn't a single unwelcome aspect to the session, it was just another illustration of Domina's power. I feel like the dungeon in which i serve is contained within my own mind. Domina Shelle rules over my mind and directs my thoughts and desires. This was a GREAT session.
Saturday, 20 April 2019
It's sessions like this that remind me why i'm so enamoured by Domina Shelle and Her hypnotic domination and control. She lulls you in with hints of what is to come then expertly sends you deep into trance with mesmerising words and vivid imagery. After the induction it all gets fuzzy and indistinct. i know i'm deep under Her spell, i can hear Her words and recall how insanely passionate they make me feel but the details are not there, the're missing. Next i wake with an intense and extremely focused desire for Domina knowing something has changed. i start to stroke and instantly Domina is there again, in my mind, standing over me, i'm prone, immobile, unable to resist whatever She wishes to do with me and this feeds my submissive desires and my craving for Her. And that's what it's been like ever since i've listened to this session. No matter where i go She keeps popping into my head and i'm overwhelmed with the feeling of being utterly dominated and that triggers a very obvious physical reaction. i suspect this is going to a long, hard--pun intended--week ahead. Domina Shelle is simply amazing and i'm truly lost to Her hypnotic conditioning!
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