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Brain Drip | Shelle RiversBrain Drip | Shelle Rivers

Brain Drip


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Brain Drip (56 minutes):

Awww My Lab Rat, you just couldn't keep away from My mesmerizing words and you find yourself here again compelled to learn more about My world of domination and control.  I know how intriguing My hypnotic power is to you, My ability to coerce your will and subjugate your senses, a lure too irresistible to ignore.

Well, My subject, in this extreme EROTIC HYPNOSIS masterpiece of sensual brainwashing and hypnotic conditioning, Nurse Shelle - your Domina - will experiment on your craving for deeper submission by using your weaknesses, fetishes, and My patented Dopamine Loop, to associate all your erotic pleasures and fantasies with Me.  I want you to comprehend just how irrepressible and irreplaceable I am to your subconscious mind, a mental dependence that leaves you powerless and vulnerable to all My alluring charms. (giggles)

In the Abyss I may have you all to myself but I want more of you!!  I want you to crave Me all of the time, in and out of trance, every thought, every action, every motivation triggering a desire to serve and please Me.

Using a combination of anchored hypnotic conditioning, and My experimental Dopamine Loop, I will set off a chain reaction in your mind that will continuously fire neuro-transmitters connected to all of your pleasure centers.  Once triggered you'll be forever addicted to Me, forever caught in a cycle of adoration, obedience and submission, lost to your lust and desire to please Me.  It's just too HARD to resist Me, My subject, so surrender to the DRIP DRIP DRIP of My seductive medication and accept the inexorable truth, My control of you will never be broken and you will always be MINE...

WARNING:  This EROTIC MP3 is not for the faint of heart and you need to be prepared for a radical change in the perception of O/our Domme/sub relationship, if you chose to follow this path, where you will acknowledge Me as your Owner and will accept your role as My most dedicated and devoted thrall, eternally bound to Me in mind, body and spirit.

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Friday, 05 March 2021
This was one of the first files Domina recommended i listened to. Now after almost a year later revisiting this file has me craving Her Voice, craving to please.... as i write this I am squirming in pleasure thinking about Domina. It feel sooooo good i can’t really contain myself any longer i have to listen again!!Giggles.!! If you have not listened to this file do yourself a favor and experience the pleasure, so much pleasure under the control of Domina Shelle!
Tuesday, 02 February 2021
Just as it describes, this a extremely intense file and it's pure bliss. The journey is all laid out in this file, and if you're there listening to it it's simple, you're hers. You're owned. And why bother go back when it feels this good. Get this session.
Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Nurse Shelle has such a seductive voice. Domina is a true wordssmith. That with her sexy voice and her erotic imagery. It feels so good what she does to you. She takes you down and soon the 56 minutes just flies by and before you know it, its over. You wake horny and aroused. I loved this file and I love Domina's control over me. She is everything.
Monday, 27 July 2020
This file is so good, she lulls you gently into a deep trance, and then she installs her dopamine loop which feels so good you'll never want to leave or resist her ever again
Sunday, 14 June 2020
Wow! This one got me good! So much pleasure, who could possibly resist?
Friday, 05 June 2020
This kinda surprise and not what i expected. For some reason i tought this was going to be an erotic style file and it was more an addiction brainwashing file. Very good at that thought. Didn't feel as long as it was.
Tuesday, 02 June 2020
Domina outdid Herself this file soso strong i drop and time fly by must listen to this
Thursday, 28 May 2020
This is a special session. It really pulled me in and i feel as though my addiction to Domina's control has reached a new level. The induction is wonderful and really the memories from this session feel like they've been burned inside my mind. This is one of those sessions for me that is just so easy to listen to, it may say 56 minutes but honestly it feels like it flies by with this one
Tuesday, 26 May 2020
Addiction to listening to Domina’s voice is real and this session may make you realize your addiction is true obsession. Domina’s power and control is made apparent while she leaves so much of herself in your mind it is comforting to know Domina is always with you as you are obsessed until the time comes to listen and feel her deep in your mind again. This session can be looped while sleeping with a very profound effect as you will be happy and smiling knowing you are feeding the dopamine loop just by waking up! Domina is amazing as usual.
Monday, 25 May 2020
This training is absolutely necessary for anybody wanting to really cement a slave-master relationship with Domina. i can't get enough of this session and will be listening over and over to reinforce Domina's complete control.
Monday, 25 May 2020
Domina Shelle keeps creating masterpiece after masterpiece!!! The Dopamine Loop Domina has masterfully created this week is on a whole other level! Domina is the complete master of my mind, body, and soul and knows how to make me do and feel exactly what she wants and when she wants it... giggles... To say that this session is JUST addictive would be a VAST understatement... Domina has so ingeniously woven so much pure sexuality, brainwashing, and post hypnotic effects into this file... My entire being feels this powerful and beautiful mind-fuck LONG after listening and ever time I listen it feels SOO much better!!! I can easily loop this file ALL night long and DO! it feels AMAZING, like quenching a DEEP thirst within my mind that only Domina Shelle can quench... So much past conditioning cums together in this file and creates and experience unlike any other... It feels like the more of Dominas voice and conditioning you listen to, the greater the pleasure and bliss... Mmmm... Thank you SOO SOO MUCH Domina Shelle, my beautiful and powerful owner and Mistress of my mind! *heart*
Sunday, 24 May 2020
At times i think of escaping, but then keep finding myself coming back for more. And just when i think Domina couldn’t possibly be make a session that is more potent, more hypnotic, sensual and addictive, She gives us a gem like Drip. Her voice and the erotic, mental imagery that She creates draws you in and makes you concentrate on Her voice, and the words She is saying. i listened to this twice so far and each time have remembered various bits and pieces, which is has become a fairly common occurrence these days. i do remember some kind of warning in the beginning, and then being commanded to listen over and over again at the end…what a Wicked Domina! And just like last with last week’s session, the Abyss, the effects in Drip perfectly depict the title. I know I shouldn’t keep listening, and Nurse Domina admits that there’s a price to pay with this addiction, but it’s just so hard to stay away. i am simply amazed how Domina is able to continually create a new work of art like this, week after week.
Sunday, 24 May 2020
This session is spiked with so many fetishes that Domina Shelle is installing or reinforcing within me. So besides enforcing some She already planted within me, there are now new ones i have never thought of. All these lil fetishes and kinks are strengthening my submission and devotion to Her. Also my needing and craving for Her control is enahnced on a level i did not experience so far. i only listened twice by now and the effects are already that strong, i can't wait to listen again and again to fall deeper and deeper under the control of my beloved Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 24 May 2020
This one hits HARD. Brain Drip will do that regardless of if the subject has listened to other sessions from Domina Shelle, but there are definitely triggers and prior conditioning that will make it hit harder. Domina Shelle is at Her seductive and controlling best in this session. She will take prisoners and bind them and see to it that they react in the proper fashion. This one is an absolute masterpiece!
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