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Amnesia by Shelle RiversAmnesia by Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Amnesia

I love playing with my sweet pets---and sometimes a Girl just wants to have fun!!!

Length: 27 minutes
Level: Mild to Moderate
Category: Brainwashing
Sample: LINK

I love playing with My sweet pets---and sometimes a Girl just wants to have fun!!!

you should be able to stand up for a short time during the MP3 session while you are listening...

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Saturday, 18 February 2017
I love to know in advance what is going to happen during trance because to listen knowingly is already acceptance. I ALSO like to be clueless – just realizing when Domina sneaks out of my mind that i am left aroused and clueless about what She has done. With “Amnesia – no recall” i just leave it to Domina to decide what i may remember or not and I just enjoy the arousal of forgetting. This is the next level of TRUST – She will allow me to remember what i need to know – and if not: i trust that it is best for me not to know. The file has developed its powers slowly for me – so first weekly and than monthly repetitions were best for me.
Thursday, 10 January 2013
that one is so deep, i have to admit my Princess control, She masters my little mind :), this is a new experience of deepness and mind play, i loved it
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